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Ideal PR Media produces editorial content and highlights on our blog. Ideal PR Media has a background in publicity, new artist and small business development as well as film production. Our company's history included personal publicity representation, celebrity event collaborations, media training for talent, and consulting services for publicists and entertainers. Ideal PR began in 2003 and transitioned Media transitioned from a PR firm (formerly Ideal PR) to a digital media company in 2011. Since the COVID-19 Pandemic, we are focusing on lifestyle and crafting content with "Learning With Grace." 

Blog Content
Ideal PR Media blog highlights diverse entertainment content related to fashion, music, beauty, food, TV/films, noteworthy events, happenings and other arts related areas which we have attended or been invited to connect with. On our media blog, we consider content of which we may not have had a direct connection, but remains of interest to our readers. We would love to hear from you, so please reach out to us! pr(@)

About The IDEAL Magazine (2006-2020)
The IDEAL Mag closed its doors in 2020. When it was in circulation, The IDEAL Mag embraced diversity and highlighted a wide range of features in the arts (music, film, fashion, fine arts, sports and other entertainment), which continues to be highlighted on our site. The magazine was a bridge for arts and entertainment between various cultures, countries and walks life. The IDEAL Magazine's demographic is about 65% women 35% men with 90% of our readers falling between ages 25-55 with most reading falling between 35 and 50 from countries all over the world. Our blog continues to receive daily traffic interested in previously published content that remains on our blog.

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