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Monday, August 1, 2016

Why Atlantic Records Artist "PJ" is RARE (#Music)

(A very special thanks to Lisa, Kevin and of course PJ)

Click Here to view and download PJ's album "RARE" in iTunes


Choreography to PJ's "TELL ME" (as referenced in the article)

Article text:
Hailed from Greensboro, North Carolina (USA), this conglomerate of talent goes by the short name of two letters, "PJ," which is short for Paris Jones. The IDEAL Magazine had the pleasure of meeting PJ during her stop in DC, opening up for label mate K Michelle on the "Hello Kimberly" tour. PJ just released her first album on July 15th through Atlantic Records, entitled "RARE," which reached #5 on R&B and Soul charts in its first week. Having a very impressive music catalog already, PJ has worked with Nicki Minaj, Usher, Future, Chris Brown, and Trey- Songz among others, having her very first placed song with Meek Mill ("I Don't Know"). "People may not know what I can do, because most of what I’ve done [on the radio] is rap. I was so excited to do my project because I get to step outside and show people a different side of me.
I’m not just R&B, hip-hop or pop, I feel like I am a mix. I’m a hybrid. I’m rare, and I make come up and underdog music," said PJ. Signed as a writer first, PJ expressed that people didn’t give her the shot she wanted for reasons that were not about the music...but about everything else.
"Rare is kinda like my version of a fairytale,” PJ explains. With snippets on the album portraying excerpts from a book...the book of PJ. "With the album RARE, I just wanted to say, be yourself. I feel like if everyone would be themselves, the world would be in crazy harmony, it would be ridiculous...The album title came from the song RARE, which deals with me embracing my flaws, which in actuality, I don’t even see as flaws, it is just the way I am, just my make-up."

PJ’s album “Rare" exudes positive self acceptance that reminds me of an India Arie vibe. Her album merges eclectic sounds, providing diversity between tracks while maintaining a captivating consistency with her unique and “rare” voice. This multi-talented artist has created her own lane that will be hard for others to drive in. So take a seat and just listen.

When asked when she came to the conclusion that she was rare and just going to be herself, she shared a very personal, and powerful statement. “I’ve been slowly coming to that place and I feel like it took me a long time...too long. And it takes a lot of people a long time and you can just see it. The biggest problem with the world is that the majority of people are unhappy, and most people are unhappy because they cannot be themselves. And if somebody was telling them it was ok to be themselves from day one, half the issues we have wouldn’t even be an issue...I know it sounds cheesy, but happiness comes from self-love, and if you can’t love yourself you can’t project love or happiness."

PJ noted that she is looking forward to seeing her boyfriend and her dog Zombie (jack russell - dotson mix) when there is a break on the tour. She noted that she is very secure and in a happy place with herself and her relationship. “I’m secure, stolen, taken away, off the market, all that.” She noted that each song on her album has a direct person of influence, with her current boyfriend being the inspiration for “Tell Me,” one of my personal favorites on the album, and a song I heard before I heard her album and saw her in concert due to avery popular choreographer who used her song for a dance class (1MILLION Dance Studio on Youtube based on Korea); a video that received almost 500k views in about 2 weeks. What is refreshing, in addition to PJ's ray of light personality, is her performance voice. K Michelle is hands down one of the best live singing voices, so for K. Michelle to personally chose PJ to open for her, it makes sense that her performance abilities would be strong as well. RARE is available now and can be downloaded through her website and online platforms. I highly recommend downloading the entire album.

-The IDEAL Magazine #MusicMonday Feature 8/1/16

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