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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Orange and Black Halloween Style

It is that time of year where wearing orange and black together is actually cute...toss in a little Hermes and it becomes downright fashionable...but sometimes fashion comes with a hefty price tag. 

Orange and Black Halloween Style

Moschino mini dress
$2,170 -

Proenza Schouler leather handbag
$740 -

Hermès bracelet

Bahina gold stud earrings

Clarins lip makeup
$28 -

Hermès hermes perfume

Orange nail polish


Brunch at Pub and the People, Washington, DC

I doubt I'm the only one that decides I want to eat brunch later than 2pm on a Sunday (and while I'm excited about McDonalds All Day Breakfast, it's not going to cut it on a Sunday).  So I found this place called Pub and the People not far from the NoMa area right on North Captiol St. At R street NW ( DC people understand the intersection reference need). I walked in at 3:45 and asked if they were still serving brunch and the waitress handed me a small card with chef Corey's brunch options for the day

This is not the place you go if you want boring, basic and create in your sleep regular dishes, or an obscene and unhealthy portion of food. They do not offer an all you can eat brunch or a buffet at this time (it's a small place so I don't see a brunch buffet in the works). If you want a buffet and all you can eat, opt for Sequoia in Georgetown or Ozio's in DuPont Circle. However, you will generally get the same ingredients, but with a twist, and usually matched up in very unique, yet tasty ways. What I actually ordered was a combination of the two special brunch items because...well...I'm special like that (and I don't mean special in a good way). I wanted the sauce/gravy from one dish with the roasted eggs from the 2nd dish and the feta cheese (but not the tomatoe sauce because I don't like tomatoes) and the potatoes from both, with added bacon (I know...I said I'm special). What I received was the most uniquely awesome breakfast dish with two roasted eggs (which are similar to fried eggs with a softness but not runny in the middle), flavorful gravy (that I licked from my plate...I don't think anyone was watching), perfect bacon and fingerling potatoes. I think it was topped with beet spring leaves, but you can request cilantro instead if you don't like beets (because they do taste like beets :) Chef Corey created a perfect dish that I will be going back for next week. Brunch is served on Saturdays and Sunday's.  I believe my personal concoction is called the "Neeta" if you want to try it (ask for it by name :) - but of course tell your server that Chef Corey will know which dish that is (it won't be on the menu...I'm not that fly).

Another thing I like about this place is the outdoor seating. It was a little too cool and windy for me on Sunday to sit outside, but there were people enjoying the outside seating with small children and dogs. The entire place is seat yourself, and the service is laid back. The food comes out quickly, but it is a pub, so the servers have to cover the inside and outside so bring your patience hat. If you need more attention or swift service, sit near the kitchen :)


Chris "Deep" Henderson's Tribute song to Michael Jackson...Just in time for Halloween

This is the most insanely awesome tribute song to Michael Jackson by producer Chris "Deep" Henderson (producer of Blame it on the Alcohol for Jamie Foxx) Just in time for Halloween. If you are a die hard Michael Jackson fan, you will repeat watching this video at least 5 least! I can see Chris Brown or The Weekend or even Justin Beiber making this song epic. Chis notes he is not a singer, he just created this concept where he shows fans how he creates and is inspired during his song writing and producing process. But most people who know music know that someone lays down the "example" of how the song should sound for production purposes (so-to-speak) and that is what this is. We have been a fan ever since the song he produced for Case called "Happily Ever After" one of the most played wedding songs featuring Beyoncé in the video. With Halloween being a huge boost in Michael Jackson's Thriller plays/spins (wait...can I say spins? Do Dj's actually "spin" anymore?). Chris "Deep" Henderson delivers in my opinion an EPIC tribute song "Thrill Her" with sexy metaphoric innuendos and word play referencing the infamous catalog of songs on and leading up to the Thriller album. Definitely show/share this video with your friends! Watch the video below


Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Fall Style Look of the Day: Burgundy and Blush

Stay sexy and bold in burgundy and blush. Be it in CHANEL, Movado, Louboutin or Michael Kors, pair burgundy and blush with simple or rose gold for a fall style look that is chic and bold. -The IDEAL Magazine

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Fall Fashion Look of the day

Fall Fashion Look of the day

Get the look!

Womens plus coat
$48 -

Bootie boots
$975 -

Chloé chloe shoulder bag
$1,885 -

Chain jewelry

Skyline colored furniture

Sphere lamp


Morning Inspiration...Start off with the right essentials

Get your day off to a good start whether you are in a Monday morning "pink" mode or is the weekend here yet "dark" mode. Pick up the right cup and beauty accessories and turn it around!


Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Be Bold in Black and Gold

Make a bold statement in a sequins and fringed dress, but don't forget the Christian Dior black and gold handbag...ooh lala!

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Sit and Shine...Black inspired lighting and seating

Three home seating and lighting looks inspired by the color Black (or shade rather).

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