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Friday, December 25, 2009

LA Mission and Homeless Community is Touched By An Angell... Angell Conwell

Angell Conwell's born talent is being a gorgeous actress. However, Angell's true passion is serving the community. You can find Angell on any given week serving food to the homeless in downtown Los Angeles, CA through the LA Mission. While most people were out shopping on Christmas Eve, Angell was feeding the homeless...displaying the TRUE meaning of the holiday season.

Its wonderful to know that Angell is truly deserving of her name :-)
Check Angell out on Twitter:

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Check Out Ideal PR TV

See what everyone has been up to.
Check out exclusive behind the scene footage of our clients at events, photo shoots, on film and video sets as well as some interviews and events
Want more content? Let us know :-)

idealprtv on Broadcast Live Free

Monday, August 24, 2009

Red Carpet Premiere for Misunderstandings is a SOLD OUT HIT

The Cast of Misunderstandings with Executive Producers Neeta Wooten and Tamiko Thomas)

The red carpet film premiere for the independent film Misunderstandings went down last night at the Cinema Arts Theatre in Washington, DC area and it was a SMASH HIT.
Special thanks to all of the media who came out to support the film. The cast, crew, friends, family and newly made acquaintances who stumbled upon the event and gave a donation, we greatly appreciate your support and will be donating 100% of the profits to the Maryland branch of the American Cancer Society.

(Tamiko Thomas, Malik Pollard, Neeta Wooten)

To Olishia and James of Creative Two Productions, the energy, care, time, effort, sweat and muscle that you put into making this film premiere happen is appreciated beyond words. True love. Thank you Reece and Arnold for coming all the way from Los Angeles, CA to help make this event spectacular. To Susie Kahlich we are so honored that you made it from California to attend the premiere. A-Nadyah you are so awesome for coming from NY always making it happen for us. Photo rock, as always. Devin Wooten and Tina Clark thank you for sacrificing and coming up from Richmond to provide media coverage and support. We can't wait to see the footage from everyone.

(Leading lady and man Danita Mischelle & Walter Maxfield Jones)

Thank you Arnold for the pictures on A Turner Archives is TAKING OVA!!!

Be on the look out for images, posts, articles, etc by Made 2 Design, Photo Rob, The Washington Post, Afro-American Newspaper, IMEG, Devin W and others!

If anyone has pictures from the red carpet premiere please email them to us HERE and we will post them. Please send us your names so we will know who is in the picture!!!

To our sponsors, Ideal PR Films, D'Orr Studios, CTC PR, PK Imperial, Wood International, DC Assault, Steaz, Zsenzo teas, XS Energy Drink, Too Much International, Inc, Ruth Edwards for Avon and Balance Waters and everyone else who contributed to the gift bags, film and event.

(A sneak peek of the VIP gift bags that were given out to all VIP guest. The Main Cast received all these item plus more including clothing from Privacy Wear, Dangle pens, Saks Fifth Avenue perfume/cosmetics, goodies and movie snacks all in personalized LAVIA canvas bags like the one Robyn is holding below)

Robyn Wood...poses with her specialty cast gift bag with tons of goody items from Saks Fifth Avenue, Privacy Jeans, Dangle pens and all of our sponsors

(Wil "Onix" Lash and Darnerien McCants)

Kiya Snow and Sadya Boyce take a picture with their special cast bags made by Carlita Wooten filled with tons of great goodies especially for them

(Napoleon Shake Rogers)

(Alex Scott and Tamieka Chavis)

(Rodney Green and playboy model Joy Glass)

(Patricia Williams and Annette James)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Red Carpet Premiere for the Independent Film "Misunderstandings" Order Tickets ONLINE

100% of the film premiere profits will be donated to the American Cancer Society.

Ticket Price: $10
WHEN: Sunday August 23, 2009
TIME: Red Carpet starts at 4:00pm and the screening 5:00pm -7:00pm
Location: Cinema Arts Theatre 9650 Main Street Fairfax, VA
(inside the Fair City Mall between the Best Buy and Old Country Buffett)

After Party: Josephine Lounge 10pm - 2am

Come out and support a great cause!


Monday, August 17, 2009

Misunderstandings Get's Its Shine On with Robyn Wood

Special Thanks to Charles at for showing love to Ideal PR's film "Misunderstandings" by doing an interview with cast member , actress/model Robyn Wood.

Be sure to visit or click the picture above to listen to the exclusive interview :-)
Be on the look out for additional interviews on musicandmodeling with other cast members and music artist from the soundtrack.

Actress Robyn Wood as "Alexis" in "Misunderstandings"

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A Turner Archives Does It Again...No One Does Photography Like Arnold!!!

Actress Meagan Good celebrated her birthday and of course celebrity photographer Arnold Turner was there to capture every smile, pose and birthday wish. Happy Birthday Meagan.
A Turner Archives is AWESOME :-)
(All photos courtesy and owned by A Turner Archives)

Meagan Good

Model Datari Turner

La'Miya Good, Tamala Jones, Meagan Good

Khloe Kardashian and Khadijah

Actor Marcus Paulk

Meagan Good with Ricky Bell of New Edition and friends

Actor DeRay Davis

Meagan's sister La'Miya performs

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Angell Conwell Celebrated Her 26th Birthday In Style at LAX

Angell Conwell celebrated her 26th birthday with a few friends at Hollywood's Club LAX. While there were a lot of camera shy people in attendance, below are a few images of some of Angell's friends who came through. Shout out to LEOS...Angell's birthday was August 2nd
Special Thanks to Arnold Turner of
Angell with actor Carl Payne...both of you are looking fab!
Angell with actresses Jennia Fredrique and Iva La'Shawn
Angell with Sicily Sewell-Johnson (taking a little time off from new mommy and wife duties)

Big Thank you to Reece Evans of CT PR and Sheila of DT Entertainment!

Angell Conwell, you are looking FAB GIRL!!!

Angell with the fab Melissa De Sousa (both amazing actresses)

Angell and MF
...ANGELL you shouldn't make other people look so bad :-) But you are just so sexy you can't help it. Other people better catch up!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

There is No “Misunderstanding” About This Film’s Profits Being Donated To Cancer Research

Washington, DC (Ideal PR) August 4, 2009 --The independent film “Misunderstandings” will hold its red carpet premiere on Sunday August 23, 2009 at 5:00pm at the Cinema Arts Theatre located at 9650 Main Street in Fairfax, Virginia. Why is this independent film so special? In addition to dedicating this film to five very special women who lost their battles to cancer, profits from this film will be donated to cancer research. It is estimated that almost 270,000 women will die from cancer and approximately 713,000 NEW cases of cancer will be diagnosed in 2009. Having a personal connection to all 5 women, Executive Producer Neeta Wooten hopes that this contribution will aid in continuing to decrease these numbers.

Misunderstandings” is a dramatic film about a professional woman (Nicole) who walks in on her new fiancé (Rasan) in bed with another woman. Rasan insists it’s a “misunderstanding” and both of their friends collectively ridicule, tease and give very detrimental advice regarding what they should do turning the situation from bad to worse. The more Nicole tries to believe Rasan her efforts are combated with evidence to the contrary which makes them both question the worth and future of their relationship.

The dynamic cast includes leading male actor Walter Maxfield Jones, leading female actress Danita Mischelle with supporting cast Wil “Onix” Lash (VH1’s I Love NY), Victoria “Shaqwanna” Davis (Russ Parr Morning Show), Alex Scott (BET’s Coming To The Stage), Tameika Chavis (HBO’s The Wire), Playboy Magazine model Joy Glass, Napoleon Rogers, Rodney Green, Valeta Sutton and introducing Robyn Wood with additional appearances by Jeannie Jones (Radio One “WKYS” personality), Darnerien McCants (Former NFL player Redskins/Eagles), Kerry Rhodes (NFL – NY Jets), Michael Walton (US Track Star) and others. The story was created by Neeta Wooten, directed by Malik Pollard with original music by Dre Knight and post production at D’Orr Studios, Ideal PR Films has a produced a project it is very proud of.

“While the storyline of the movie has nothing to do with cancer, it was placed in my heart to put the cause at the forefront of the film because of the magnitude of the impact the deaths have had on my life over the course of creating this project. These 5 women are
Kim Pelt
Tiffani Handy
Jennifer Wooten
Tania Wharton
and Garcia Gabriel Johnson.
Each one is uniquely missed, but I do hope this helps to honor their memory, even if in a small way,” said Neeta Wooten.

Friends and celebrities alike have raised their voices about the film’s charitable cause giving supportive comments.

“Many members of my family have been diagnosed with cancer at one time or another. A few have passed because due to the cancer being too aggressive. There's no way to describe seeing someone you love having to endure such pain… It's a beautiful idea for a portion of the profits from a production be donated to cancer research and foundations,” said Actress Angell Conwell. best known for her roles in "Baby Boy," "Soul Plane" and her next release "Perfect Combination."
Sean Jean model and producer Datari Turner’s grandmother passed away from cancer. He said, “Whenever you are in a position to give back, you should. It's all a part of paying it forward. Cancer research will always be an ongoing ever evolving process.”

Washington, DC native and actor/comedian Jay Phillips ("Semi-Pro" and "Baby Mama") lost a grandparent to cancer as well. "I lost my grandfather to prostate cancer about 15 years ago. He was in his late early 80s but very spry until the last months of his life." He went on further to say "I would encourage any body, no matter of status, to support projects that donate to and support charities. If you can make money you can make time to help others."
Actress Sicily Sewell-Johnson from the TV show "One on One has been affected as well. "I had an aunt who had breast cancer and then decided to have the breast removed. it is a scary thing how it can claim peoples lives so quickly," she said.

Denyce Lawton, actress from Tyler Perry’s “House Of Payne,” longtime activist and supporter of the Children’s Hospital said “It’s not always about what you can get out of a situation nor is it about whether you have millions or not! If one million people donated at least a dollar, we'd have one million dollars going towards research that will help babies live off of life support, unknowing victims of HIV have a second chance of life, a mother can watch her daughter walk down the aisle on her wedding day because her chemotherapy worked! We may all be in need of something material, but there are a lot of people who just want to live!”

Neeta Wooten believes just that. If everyone pitched in and did just a little bit, we would all be in a better place and further along helping one another to fight and live. Neeta went on to say, “Once I decided to make the profits of Misunderstandings about benefitting cancer charities and research, it was placed in my spirit from this point further that ALL of my films will have a portion of the profits donated to charity. That is why I created a new production company which is based around giving back to the community. ‘Misunderstandings’ is the first of many film projects that will be produced through this company and I hope people will find it in their hearts to support our projects.”

To find out more about the film or how to donate to this event/cause please contact/visit
Ideal PR:
Reece Evans: (323) 351-9316

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Al B Sure! Debuts in "The Hit" On TV1 Tonight at 6pm EST/3pm PST

Al B. Sure! (ABS!) & Blair Underwood's TV-One Network debut in "The Hit" featuring DeRay Davis & James Russo (from The GodFather) airs TODAY Saturday August 1, 2009 on TV One at 6PM (EST) & again at 2AM(EST) or on the West Coast 3PM(PST) & 11PM(PST). Please check with your cable provider for "TV-One" on your cable system.

Get some popcorn and Enjoy the Movie!
Remember to Order The new Al B. Sure! CD "Honey Im Home"


Thursday, July 30, 2009

Birthday Party For Actress Angell Conwell Friday July 31, 2009 at LAX Night Club

Actress Angell Conwell will celebrate her birthday Friday July 31, 2009 at the LAX club in Hollywood located at 1714 N. Las Palmas Avenue Hollywood, CA 90028
10pm-11pm - Red Carpet
Open Bar (Complimentary Vodka Drinks)10pm-11pm
10pm-2am - Party Time

Confirmed Celebrities Include: Jackie Long, Tamala Jones,
Kevin Hart, Reagan Gomez-Preston, Judge Mathis, Melissa De Sousa, DJ Pooh, Omar Gooding, Claudia Jordan, Bianca Lawsons, DeRay Davis, Denyce Lawton, Wesley Jonathan and many others.
9:30pm media check-in; 10:00 red carpet. LAX Nightclub 1714 N. Las Palmas Ave Hollywood.

[Media and Press RSVP]
Reece Evans (323) 351-9316

[Celebrity/VIP RSVP] or IDEAL PR

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