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Friday, September 30, 2011

Olivia Polermo in "Bochic" Jewelry in Paris at Dior Runway Show

Olivia Palermo chose jagged celestial earrings set with 4 cts of diamonds in a vibrant green and a soft green hand carved jade and diamond cuff to accent her chic Dior look.

Creative director, David Joseph, launched the Bochic
collection after a successful career in the film and music
industry. The new Holiday Bochic collection is a mixture of
hand-carved jade, jet, mammoth, rock crystal and
turquoise — layered with 18kt white, yellow or rose gold
paired with diamonds, rubies, lapis, onyx, sapphires and

The collection is inspired by archival references utilizing
vintage carvings as well as new.  The Paris of the Orient
collection is a rich cultural mélange based on 1930’s
shanghai.  Each design reflects the convergence of
western styles with traditional eastern symbolism.

Special Thanks to Stacie!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Kimora Lee Simmons is JustFabulous

Photo credit: Stefanie Keenan, WireImage
Kimora and Christina Milian
Last night, the stars came out to support Kimora Lee Simmons and her newest fashion venture as President and Creative Director of JustFabulous.  Sunset Tower in West Hollywood hosted the bash with a shoe-tastic step and repeat, music by DJ Mr. Best mixed up some of the hottest top 40 hits while guests sipped on signature cocktails, viewed the newest collection of JustFabulous shoes and tried on their latest jewelry accessories. 

To keep things in full Fabulocity high-gear, guests were greeted poolside by a 6ft tall flower stiletto (image below) envisioned and designed by Kimora Lee Simmons

Kimora Lee Simmons looked ready for the runway donning a skin tight black dress and strapped corset, topping it off with one of her favorites from the collection, JustFabulous black high heels.   

Christina Milian, who celebrated her 30th birthday the previous night, was the first to arrive and ready to keep the b-day partying going in her JustFabulous pink high heels.

Jamie King
Jaime King looked elegant as ever in a maroon / black trim dress complete with a cute pair of black loafers – showing how to look fabulous in a pair of flats! 

Shanea Grimes
Djimon Hounsou joined to support his wife and her newest title at JustFabulous and looked dapper in head to toe gray attire – the perfect complement to Kimora’s black statement dress.

Shanea Grimes kept it simple and elegant in black gown accessorizing with a denim jacket and statement jewelry.  

Thanks David!


Tuesday, September 27, 2011

What is Your Water? The IDEAL Magazine Get's Celebrity Input

Singer LeAnn Rimes with IG Water
Ideal PR Media's correspondent Justin Mabrie has been working on a story for the next issue of the magazine and he has spoken to dozens of celebrities who are passionate about their water brand of choice. Some brands were no surprise that they were mentioned, but a couple of brands were very unexpected to be in the top 5 water brands mentioned. Be sure to stay tuned...

For now, here is a sneak peek at one of the favorite brands some of the celebrities are raving about.

Singer LeAnn Rimes loves Icelandic Glacial Water. She uses IG to refresh her singing voice and quench her thirst.

Why do celebs love Icelandic Glacial Water so much? It is the the world's first certified carbon-neutral bottled water and is produced using only natural, renewable power sources, packaged in recyclable plastic... and they say it tastes delicious!
Special Thanks to ALEX for the photos.
What is YOUR favorite Water?

Monday, September 26, 2011

Gwen Stefani's Harujuku Mini for Target

Gwen Stefani and her Harajuku Mini clothing line

Gwen Stefani is coming out with her very own Harujuku Mini for Target line, a fun collection of apparel and accessories for kids. The collection is hitting stores Nov. 13 2011. For now, take a look at Target's exclusive peek into the line and what is to come. A Bullseye View is Target’s online magazine, updated regularly to bring the brand to life. It is a behind-the-scenes look at Target’s most exciting partnerships, initiatives, events and innovations.


Sunday, September 18, 2011

KiKi Shepard’s 8th Annual Celebrity Bowling Challenge to Benefit The K.I.S. Foundation

Event/Story Coverage: Justin Mabrie (Ideal PR Media Correspondent)

James Pickens Jr. (Grey's Anatomy)
Friday, September 16th , KiKi Shepard’s K.I.S. Foundation hosted the 8th Annual Celebrity Bowling Challenge at PINZ Entertainment Center in Studio City, CA. The focus of the event was to raise awareness for sickle cell disease, and to benefit the K.I.S. Foundation, Inc. and the Dorothy H. Shepard Scholarship Fund.

Celebrity guests arrived individually, with partners and some with families.  The mood of the night was filled with great energy and laughter. All were excited to support Kiki Shepard and encourage sickle cell anemia awareness.  The event’s guest list included Wayne Brady, James Pickens Jr. (Grey’s Anatomy), Bill Bellamy, Harold Perrineau (Lost & The Best Man), Jackee’, Vanessa Bell Calloway, Obba Babatunde, Dawnn Lewis (A Different World), Chico Benymon (Half & Half), Kim Whitley, Michael Jai White (Why Did I Get Married), Mari Morrow, VH1 reality stars and others in the entertainment industry.

Justin Mabrie with Wayne Brady @ 8th Annual KIS event
When speaking with triple-threat Wayne Brady, he expressed the concern that, WE don’t know about this, WE don’t know that WE suffer from sickle cell. Not excusing his own lack of knowledge of the disease, he stated, I did not know WE suffered!  He has since done his research and was in full support to show up, bowl and raise awareness. Academy Award winner Jon Voight (father of Angelina Jolie) spoke on how beautiful it is was to see everyone come together and support.  He too enjoyed just being among his friends.  It was obvious that many shared that same feeling throughout the night.

Constance Reese
Also in attendance was Miss Black California, Constance Reese… she spoke of her personal testimony in relation to the sickle cell disease and appreciates, KiKi Shepard for taking such initiative to bring awareness.  Her mother has sickle cell anemia and has outlived her 12-year life expectancy along with having 2 children.  Quite a testimony!  Her platform is coincidently: Youth Awareness of Sickle Cell Anemia.  She believes, it’s important to not only get tested, but also get involved.

For more information regarding KiKi Shepard’s K.I.S. Foundation, you can visit:

A very special thanks to  Lisa Humphrey of Premier Concepts PR

KiKi Shepard w/ Paizley Carwell 
(Sickle Cell Anemia survivor)


Saturday, September 17, 2011

Bookperk Deal + Movie Poster "What's Your Number"

 GOOD news book lovers! Bookperk just made things easier for you. Bookperk, a subdomain that pairs new and bestselling books with exclusive merchandise and interactive author experiences. The deals site is very cutting-edge, especially for a publisher, and I thought you might be interested in this exclusive book deal as it pertains directly to What’s Your Number, the book plus a signed movie poster for Hollywood fans alike! The book was originally released as 20 Times A Lady and went through a renovation in accordance with the exciting movie starring Anna Faris, Joel McKale and Chris Evans which will be released on September 30 nationwide.
 GOOD news book lovers!

This Bookperk offer features a copy of the book in paperback, as well as a poster signed by the entire ensemble cast. This offer is valid through October 4th: Bookperk is a site that is constantly ebbing and flowing with the way in which entertainment and literature meet.

Thanks Jessica!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

The IDEAL Magazine Fall 2011 Issue has arrived

The Fall 2011 Issue of The IDEAL Magazine has arrived!
Click the arrows to flip through the magazine or...
Click "Expand" to enlarge and read the magazine.
CLICK HERE to read on handheld devise (blackberry compatible)

With Gabrielle Dennis from BET's The Game on the Cover and inside features on comedian Rodney Perry and singer B.Blunt the fall issue is a smooth read. Fall Wedding tips are given to the bride, and be sure to check out the IDEAL HOT list with some of the hottest and sexiest men in entertainment! Justin Mabrie, MBA gives his relationship advise and motivational speaker Paige Robinson shares her tips for staying optimistic. Of course there are the fall product must have's and special event coverage of the Black Enterprise Golf and Tennis Challenge. A special story on the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. national memorial dedication initiated by Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity and a special letter/article from the editor on the 10 year anniversary of 9/11.


Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Gold Carpet Interviews from MLK Dedication Weekend

Here are some of the interviews to come from the Gold Carpet Coverage of the MLK Dedication Weekend: Interviews with Victoria Rowell, Sheryl Underwood and Marvin Winans are featured below. Be on the look out for interviews with Hill Harper, Jasmine Guy, Lalah Hathaway, Nancy Wilson, Dela Reese and MORE! 

Although the big hurricane was on the way making it quite windy on the "gold carpet" everyone looked picture perfect to honor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Two years from now will mark the 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington!


Sunday, September 11, 2011

Ten Years Passed, But The Tragedy is Still Fresh: Remembering 9/11

By: Neeta Wooten
September 11, 2011

(The IDEAL Magazine - Fall Issue Releasing 9/19/2011)

Ten years ago today the devastating tragedy of terrorism struck the soils of the United States of America. More than 3,000 people died from that attack started by 19 men. Thousands of people were injured, yet all of America and most of the world will always be affected by the actions which took place the morning of September 11, 2001.

Like most incidents, there is 6-degrees of this case, for many, it was only one degree. Most people know someone who had a loved one parish, or had friends and family themselves expire from the horrible incident.

I remember visiting the grounds of the World Trade Center in New York City the year after the attack and instantly began crying. To see the large amount of empty space and know it was that exact area where people felt helpless seeing their fate and could do nothing about it. Most people know exactly where they were that morning, and can tell you exactly what they were doing when they saw, heard or experience the tragedy first hand. With the recent natural disasters of hurricanes, earthquakes, wild fires, the feeling of being helpless to something you see but cannot stop adds another layer of sensitivity to those who were physically caught in the attacks.

The result? Ten years later "America The Beautiful" is still standing, but we are forever changed. Not just socially and economically with the sky-high gas prices, inconvenient flight process and permanently altered access to national monuments, but also emotionally. September 11, 2001 will be scarred in the hearts of Americans forever. The tragedy itself represents a much larger complication with the problems in the world, the warped thinking that separates us by culture, religion and beliefs. This tragedy represents a complicated mind-set, which hopefully, one day will be washed and made clean.

The root of hatred is fear. The root of fear is ignorance. Committing an act of hatred simply because of a person's religion, nationality, beliefs, or even something as simple as their residence is an ignorant form of action. Killing people because of it, is simply unspeakable.

Yet this type of tragedy is not new to America, but the form of the tragedy rings across the board where all races and nationalities were affected the exact same way, at the exact same time.

Historically, African Americans were beaten, hung, shot, hosed down, raped and burned alive...simply because they were African American. Thousands of African American people were killed, injured and attacked, and an innumerable number died because of slavery. But this only affected one sector of Americans and was actually inflicted by American's themselves.

Are we guilty of being hypocritical? While the tragedy of 9/11 is incomparable and much more serious in reality, but in theory, can it be paralleled to the concept of a minor occurrence such as, "I can fight and beat up my brother or sister but you cannot?" Are we to think that as Americans we can treat our fellow Americans badly, discriminate, perform acts of violence and hate towards each other, simply because one person feels the other person is beneath them...but get upset when someone from another country does the same thing?
It is not right when they do it. 
It is not right when we do it to each other. 
It just is not matter what.

While there is nothing good about what happened on 9/11 in any shape or form, like Maya Angelou said, "Still We Rise," and have found a silver lining in moving forward. This incident found a way to bridge the gap between ALL Americans. ALL Americans. There was no color, race, nationality nor religion exempt from this tragedy. The firemen did not go into the building pulling out the White people first and told the Blacks and Mexicans to wait for the "next-go-round." When people were helping to pick up each other from the ground, covered in soot, you could not see the race of a person, everyone was gray.

The United States of America's national song rings true and clear nearly 200 years after it was written (written in 1814). "The Star Spangled Banner" reminds us that when times get hard, we join together and unite and we are ONE nation under God. How much stronger we would be as a country and as a people if we united under this concept in the absence of tragedy? Let us work on forever improving our minds, spirits and souls to continue to make America a better place, extending to make the world a better place as well. God Bless You and God Bless The United States of America.

"...And the rocket's red glare,
The bombs bursting in air,
Gave proof through the night,
That our flag was still there.
Oh say does that star spangled banner yet wave,
O'er the land of the free, and the home of the brave."

Saturday, September 10, 2011

The IDEAL Magazine Fall 2011 Issue Releases Digitally World-Wide September 19, 2011

The IDEAL Magazine is a lifestyles and entertainment digital magazine published quarterly. Content includes celebrity interviews, special event coverage, literary arts, charity/foundation work, health and beauty, fashion, relationship advice, self improvement articles and other topics.  The IDEAL Magazine targets the urban population ages 18-35 years old with a desire to read and learn about progressive and positive information. Based out of Washington, DC, The IDEAL Magazine has writers and photographers around the United States of America to provide a wide range of story and demographic coverage.

Our Fall 2011 Issue releases Digitally World-Wide on September 19, 2011


Friday, September 9, 2011

KiKi Shepard’s K.I.S. Foundation's 8th Annual "Celebrity Bowling Challenge"


Media Advisory:

KiKi Shepard and the K.I.S. Foundation host Annual Celebrity Bowling Challenge to raise Sickle Cell Awareness

Hollywood’s finest “Roll- a- Strike” to break the cycle of Sickle Cell Disease

Cast of Grey's Anatomy, Quinton Aaron, Wayne Brady, Dawnn Lewis, Kim Coles, Todd Bridges

What:          KiKi Shepard’s K.I.S. Foundation Annual Celebrity Bowling  Challenge to raise awareness for Sickle Cell Disease and celebrate 100th year discover of disease

Who:             Host KiKi Shepard and the K.I.S. Foundation

Confirmed celebrities lending their support and participating as celebrity bowlers include: Entire cast of Grey's AnatomyWayne Brady, Quinton Aaron, Glynn Turman, Dawnn Lewis, Vanessa Bell Calloway, Todd Bridges, Loretta Devine, Jackie Christie, Obba Babatunde, Brian Hooks,  Jackee’, Harold Perrineau, Kim Coles, Dorian Wilson, Theresa Randle, Gina Ravera, Chico Benymon, Rocky Carroll, Jenifer Lewis, Salli Richardson-Whitfield, Dondre’ Whitfield, Cornelius Smith Jr., Wesley Jonathan, Michael Colyar and celebrity DJ MC Lyte spins throughout the tournament and after-party.

When:        Friday September 16, 2011
6:30 pm  | Media Check-in
7:00 pm  | Red Carpet Arrivals
8:00 pm  | Celebrity Bowling Tournament
10:00 pm | After-party with Celebrity DJ MC LYTE

Where:         PINZ Entertainment Center
                        12655 Ventura Bl, Studio City CA 91604

The mission of KiKi's "Celebrity Bowling Challenge" is to raise awareness about Sickle Cell Disease -- an inherited, non-contagious blood disease that can be crippling, painful, and life threatening. The CBC stresses the need to educate the public about this fatal disease, and to stimulate continued dialogue about how it is spread, its debilitating effects, ways of prevention, and the need to get tested now.

Sponsored by Herbalife, Pickens/Wilson, Mercedes Benz-Beverly Hills, Bank of America, Dana da Designated Hata and Premier Concepts.

For more information visit: or call 310.293.4154

Lisa Humphrey
Publicist | Event Director | Producer

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Marc Anthony Takes Fans for a Ride

Gray Line New York, New York City’s premier double-decker bus and motorcoach tourism company, honored singer-songwriter, actor, producer and New York icon, Marc Anthony as the newest “Ride of Fame” dedicatee at Pier 78 today.  The event was a ribbon-cutting ceremony where Anthony unveiled his own Gray Line New York bus with his likeness on the front of the vehicle. Mark addressed the crowd with words of gratitude and sentiment, prior to revealing the front of the bus for all to see.

“A lot of my dreams came true on these streets. Today, to see this kind of recognition in a city that means so much to me is absolutely overwhelming and to receive it in a landscape that means so much to me and that I understand is an honor beyond belief,” Anthony stated. He then proceeded to act as a tour guide to his fans on top of the bus, and said into the microphone, “This is a great way to the see the city, right?”

Since 1926, Gray Line New York has been a proud staple of the New York City tourism industry, bringing visitors to all the must-see stops in New York City on its signature red double-decker tour buses. Now with its “Ride of Fame” campaign, Gray Line New York is recognizing and honoring leading New Yorkers, whom they identify as exemplary community figures by bestowing a bus in their fleet to each dedicatee.

Special thanks to Jennifer Litt
(Images/Story Courtesy of 5WPR)

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Laz Alonso, Wendy Raquel Robinson, Anthony Anderson and Michael Jai White Share Valuable Knowledge With Black Enterprise Golf & Tennis Challenge 2011 Participants

Story: Neeta Wooten
Images: Kiesha H. (for Ideal PR Media)

On Saturday September 3, 2011 American Express partnered with Black Enterprise to present a luncheon and discussion with actors Laz Alonso (Avatar, Jumping The Broom), Wendy Raquel Robinson (The Game, Steve Harvey Show), Anthony Anderson (Law & Order, The Departed) and Michael Jai White (Why Did I Get Married, The Dark Knight). Hosted by one of the American Express Executives, This sit down conversation was a wonderful way to entertain Black Enterprise Golf and Tennis Challenge 2011 participants as they enjoyed their lunch after being on the courts and green all morning.

Speaking of the lunch...the food was delicious. Participants were treated to a buffet of endless options including baby-back ribs, spare ribs, key-lime grouper (this was my personal favorite), fried plantains, jasmine rice, salad and more. 

Anthony Anderson, the first to come out and entertain the crowd. When asked about his original name "Tasty Tony, the one and only, everyone else is a phony," he had this to say, "That was the first time I touched the mic in an attempt to do comedy, had I given up, I wouldn't be sitting before you right now."

Next to come onto the stage was actor Michael Jai White. Anthony and Michael provided the audience with a comical exchange around Anthony's desire to be included in the sequel to Black Dynamite the movie. Anthony told Michael, "I really did enjoy Black Dynamite and was upset that I was not in that urban film...and as long as you know because I have made you confess in front of the people that I am going to be in sequel to Black Dynamite." Michael replied saying, "If I can have an Anthony Anderson in Black Dynamite 2, believe me I am going to."

When Michael Jai White was put on the spot about a more serious topic, regarding project production and his feelings surrounding the criticism Tyler Perry receives about the content of the projects he produces, Michael had this to say, "If people are looking for something to criticize, they are going to find it no matter what.  The thing is, weather you like Tyler Perry or don't like Tyler Perry you cannot over look the positive nature in what he has done. There are some of the strongest Black images we have ever seen come out of the Tyler Perry camp in each and every one of his movies, but folks want to look at the lowest common denominator that you have to look at...but there are people that they represent, and people who if they didn't have that character, they wouldn't be catching the messages that are set down for them." Michael will be starring in the new Tyler Perry TV show, "For Better Or For Worse" coming to Television sometime in the fall. He directed the audience to visit to see the trailer and learn more about the show also starring Tasha Smith.

Next to join the stage was a a strong female presence, Ms. Wendy Raquel Robinson. Wendy spoke about a project that has been near and dear to her heart for over a decade called "Amazing Grace Conservatory."  This organization which she founded 16 years ago services the youth in  South Central Los Angeles in all areas of the performing arts. Wendy proudly said, "Lives are being changed, hearts are being healed with's happening at Amazing Grace Conservatory."

The last treat for this event was actor Laz Alonso. The women especially cheered very loudly as he mad his way onto the stage, even fluttering the presence of the host. Laz spoke about his Howard University pride, but also extended his comments to say that he feels all HBCU's (Historically Black Colleges and Universities) provide a training ground for people to be the best you that you could be...and it was not about what group, sport or organization you were in, but just being a great academic mind in your class rooms gave you clout. He also spoke about how his choices in deciding on an agent which believed in him and his potential made all of the difference in his career. He noted that actors in the business must be aware of their potential and worth and be very choosy when deciding whose hands to place their careers in.

All of the participants appeared to have a wonderful time eating the food, listening to the interviews and winning prizes including shirts and American Express gift cards simply by showing up and putting their business cards inside of a bowl.

2011 Playground Festival Event in California...Big Stages, Big Turn Out

Event Coverage: Justin Mabrie (Ideal PR Media Correspondent)
Images: Ideal PR Media

Ideal PR Media Reader and Winner of the Festival Tickets
The first annual Playground Festival 2011 took place in Irvine, California on September 3rd and 4th.  Several artists of all genres were in attendance for a vast crowd having a great time! Ideal PR Media gave away a set of 2-day passes to one of our readers. Joshua R., was the the lucky winner who enjoyed two days of music, food and fun with his guest.

Rapper Ditch
The multi-genre event was hosted by Nick Cannon, and offered over 10 stages of acts from tons of artists over a span of two days.

Activate Water Girls
With several food booths, $1 beers and tee shirt booths, one of the sponsors of the Playground Festival 2011 included "Activate Water." Some of the performers included, The Game, Panic! at the Disco, Big Sean, Kid Ink, Too Short and Ditch.  While the following audience of the performers were diverse, the energy from the crowd combined with the artists’ performances was nothing less of wholesome and electrifying fun.  Unlike some events where the big name artist may or may not show, Playground Festival 2011 delivered what they promoted and all acts were in attendance.

Jason Winkler
The events coordinators, Jason Winkler and Dean Abramitz expressed they were quite pleased with event’s turnout and looking forward to planning a New Years Eve event with the same concept in mind. After speaking with Jason Winkler, it was evident to event took much preparation and marketing.

Whether you are in to Rock, Hip-Hop or Electronic, I suggest you stay on the look out for the next event.
Rapper Kid Inc and crew
 For more information about Playground Festival 201l you can visit:


Friday, September 2, 2011

Ideal PR Media...Producing Since 2002

IDEAL PR MEDIA provides event coverage and one-on-one celebrity interviews and places content with our media partners. Ideal PR has worked with several media outlets over the years as Editorial Director, Co-Executive Producer, and as a Celebrity Content Consultant. We are currently accepting pitches and content for two digital lifestyles magazines. To send us magazine consideration, please email us HERE
Below are some of the outlets and publications we have worked with over the years...

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Tamala Jones: Castle

Story: Neeta Wooten (Ideal PR Media)
Images: Courtesy of AGPR

 Tamala Jones shows that with hard work, one can move from a condo into a "castle." Always pegged for her innocent smile and girl-next-door appeal, most people were introduced to her as an actress in 1997 through the film "Booty Call." Ms. Jones has come a long way since that film and can now be seen on prime time on ABC's #1 Drama "CASTLE." While TV is where Tamala started her national acting career with small appearances TV shows "On Our Own" and "Parenthood," there is nothing small about Tamala's role as Dr. Lanie Parish on America's favorite Television channel.  On this show, Dr. Parish is a sassy, sexy coroner, who encourages Beckett (Stana Katic) and Castle (Nathan Fillion) to act on their escalating feelings for each other. Jones’ character was originally written for a Caucasian woman and was only meant to be just a recurring role. However, Tamala captivated casting directors and the character was not only re-written for her, but also transformed into a starring role. Season Four will show the development of the relationship Castle viewers are anticipating.   

When asked about the correlation between her personal life and character, she admitted that she has never been to a real morgue, but that she is "so goofy sometimes it's ridiculous." And that is why we love Tamala. She is a home-girl who keeps it real, and can step on set and be sophisitcated, in charge and in control.

CASTLE will return on Monday, September 19th at 10:00pm on ABC.
In addition to Television, Tamala can been seen in the new film  which she co-produced called "35 and Ticking" alongside Kevin Hart, Nicole Ari Parker, Megan Good, Wendy Raquel Robinson and Keith Robinson, directed by Russ Parr.  She said she is looking to grow from co-producing to being an executive producer and eventually directing. Tamala noted admiring the career moves of Debbi Allen and said she aspires to take the journey of expanding the hats she wears.

 I remember meeting Tamala while working on the film "Head of State," which was filmed in Baltimore Maryland, starred and directed by Chris Rock. Tamala was kind and professional to all of the cast and crew and was a joy to watch in action. I had an opportunity to get to know Tamala on a more personal level while at the Charlie Mack party for Peace weekend one year. She has a kind heart and a giving spirit.  I am happy to see that she is in a role of power as an African American woman on a major prime time Television show. That says a lot. Ideal PR Media will continue to support you Tamala in all of your efforts. Thank you for always being kind to us and for taking time to share.

Here is a sneak peak of a clip from this upcoming season 
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