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Monday, August 29, 2016

Fashion Alert: GUCCI at MTV VMA's 2016

The 2016 MTV VMA's is built on music videos (of course) and fashion. This year, Gucci made a smash with artist such as 2 Chains who was Gucci from head to toe, DJ Khalid who sported classic loafers and Cassie adorned in gold Gucci pants and a purse. Making a mark were logo jackets worn by Kim Kardashian's best friend Jonathan, and Jaden Smith's girlfriend Sarah Snyder.

Friday, August 26, 2016

Elegant Navy & White: The IDEAL Magazine Business Look of the Day


Thursday, August 25, 2016

DC's Newest Hot Spot: SAKERUM


#TBT IDEAL mag Artistic Photo Shoot


Tuesday, August 23, 2016

(video inside) 305 Fitness Celebrates 2 Years With A Burn!

The IDEAL mag was invited to experience the celebration of 2 years for fitness group ((305)) Fitness in Washington, DC over the weekend. And it was intense! video inside

A very special thanks to Jocelyn Levy, Quiana, Byron, and Andrea of Reebok

Happy 2 Year Anniversary ((305)) Fitness
Miami inspired fitness group "((305)) Fitness" celebrated its 2 year anniversary with a free high intensity class on the Washington National Mall. Lead by 4 Washington, DC based ((305)) (located inside the BodySmith Gym at 1630 14th St NW next to Miss Pixie's), they kept the crowd going. Although I did not participate (my foot is still healing from being broken and sprained, ouch!) the crowd was well engaged with the instructors who moved around the crowd to the beats of a live DJ, which by the way, is apart of every class in their studio. About halfway through each class, the instructor leads a sculpting section, targeting different body parts each class, followed by a 5 minute “sprint” of interval training. The class ends with more dancing, a cool down, and a stretch.

Sponsors including Whole Foods (fruit and water), Health Warrior (Energy bars) and Taylor Gourmet (salads and sandwiches) replenished all attendees and Reebok (towels) and Ian McCabe Studios (hair ties) helped to maintain their appearances. And I must say, Health Warrior Chia Bar (Acai Berry) is my new favorite

Why We Love ((305)) Fitness?
They offer an underground non-stop cardio experience that infuses dance moves, sports drills and high intensity interval training to create a full-body workout. Classes feature a live DJ and rhythmic light show and claims to provide about an 800 calorie burn in one class! That is intense. The energy and momentum of the instructors stand out above the rest. And I should know,  I have been doing aerobics since the "20 Minute Workout" in the 80's..yeah...I know :-)  It takes a lot for me to be impressed with fitness instructors...and I am impressed. I intend to take a class once my foot mends a little more from being broken.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Rhandi Goodman of TerraCycle Minimizes Her Mark

Video of Rhandi Goodman in season 3 of "Human Resources" on PIVOT (clip courtesy of PIVOT)
A very special thanks to Caitlin, Vanessa and Sarah at Participant Media for making this feature possible.

Article Text:  First, this New Jersey based company does not sell bikes :-) but it would be interested in recycling bike parts. On August 26th, PIVOT TV releases the third season of this comedic “doc-series” that explores, exposes and educates the world on being less wasteful and more responsible towards our environment. This is a real company, that tackles real issues, and has found a way to tap into the reality-tv craze with a focus that is actually inspirational. TerraCycle encourages companies to collect waste and TerraCycle will then convert the waste into usable raw materials which they sell.

I learn new things with each show I watch. Take the term “Up-cycling,” a term I had never heard of before watching this show. Up-cycling takes a product in its current form and transforms it into a new product or second use. Many people up-cycle everyday and don’t even realize they are doing it. For instance, years ago in elementary school we took plastic soda bottles and turned them into planters and terrariums.  Ok, so a piece (the top) was technically cut off so it may have been a “partial” sorta-kinda up-cycle thingy :-) But take making a “room” or a “wall” out of those same soda bottles, or creating a table out of barrels. Very conscious.

Although the comedic environment and the candid staff may give you the impression that this show is scripted, it is not. This show is super cool and kills two birds with one stone…so-to-speak (I hope that is ok to say). The show is engaging, educational and their message, I am sure, impacts and changes the way people live and think about waste. That is a powerful punch. I cannot really think of another show that I have watched that does this. I admire this show because it is real life “in real life." 
We love Rhandi Goodman, VP of Zero Waste Boxes. She demonstrates intelligence, structural management and positive growth. We think it is awesome to see a woman of color highlighted on a docu-series whose actions little girls and teenagers all around the world can mimic…and be proud about it.  Rhandi is in charge of customer service and managing inbound brigades, making sure that schools, companies, and individuals receive their necessary points (the system by which TerraCycle rewards garbage contributors). Additionally, she heads up TerraCycle's Zero Waste program (with Dan Harris). 

Rhandi shared with the IDEAL mag that she has been pretty consistent in how she lives and interacts with the environment, but working at TerraCycle has helped her to be more mindful about her personal impact on the environment. She noted that she appreciates how the show has brought more familiarity to the company, which is extremely helpful as it relates to her job and mission with the company. We were interested in learning about some things that we do not see on the show…like places she would travel and what items are in her know, things girls of all ages are curious about. You can tell a lot about a woman by the things she clings to and won’t leave home without. We wanted to know how working for a company with a very specific life altering goal might affect some basic choices she makes…especially since now everyone is watching.

We asked Rhadi if she were to take a vacation in September where would it be and she answered, “Spain - specifically Barcelona or Madrid,” and that she would not leave without her camera and her chapstick!  When asked about items she keeps in her purse, she shared,  "Chapstick and Palmer’s Cocoa Butter lotion are essential. My other must haves are pretty standard – I hope! Hair pins, pen, iPhone and my wallet." Sounds pretty practical to us! Be sure to tune in to Pivot on Friday, August 26th for the season 3 premiere of “Human Resources” at 7:30pm ET/PT. Season One is on Youtube and season two is on Apple and Amazon. I personally have Hulu and Netflix, so I hope it is added to either or Youtube soon, so I can catch up on Season Two! 


Sunday, August 21, 2016

"Hold On To The Summer "Fashion Look

Orange and Turquoise (and Aqua) are fun, energetic colors that allows you to harness the energy of the season. Don't fret, you can take the  memories of summer with you in this ensemble.

Dress: Versace Bow Cocktail Dress $1,500
Shoes: Christian Louboutin $700
Purse: CHANEL $4,800
Earrings: Annette Ferdinandsen Turquoise Bird $2,900
Cuff: Eloquii $24

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Film Feature: There Is A New World Somewhere

Click on the above picture to open and read in pdf format. Or scroll down to read below

Article Text:

 What happens when you lose your job in NY city right before you travel back home to TX for a close friends wedding? Well you meet someone at the pre-party of course and find out There Is A New World Somewhere. Eager for a new adventure, Sylvia (Agnes Bruckner) ditches the wedding and takes off for a road trip of the south and finds out the meaning of look before you leap. 

The IDEAL mag caught up with director Li Lu and lead actress Agnes Bruckner to get more insight on this compelling indie film, which is Li Lus debut feature. During the film screening, I noticed a very artistic component of Sylvias red nail polish, in that the chipping of it changed over time. Li Lu stated, "Her chipped nail polish represents a deterioration of Sylvia's creative drive and self-confidence. All of us look best when we feel vibrant and fulfilled. Her nails are a small way for the audience to understand her initial attempt to create a facade of confidence but ultimate fall into a weary depression. When Bruckner was asked what she found intriguing about her character, she stated, "I liked her openness and I like her vulnerability. Bruckner, who began acting at the age of 12 found the romantic scenes pretty challenging. She shared, "They were so raw and real it took a lot to just let go and be in the moment.

Many movies have a do not try this at home component, and when asked, Brucnker stated, "Hmmm, maybe don't jump in a car with a guy you don't know at all so quickly (laughing out loud). A very good point and what would seem to be a lesson we should be open to learning. Advise from Bruckner is welcomed, as this seasoned actress has learned a think or two during her time on TV shows such as 24and Private Practice, two of my favorites of all time. While Bruckners character in this film appears to enjoy the freedom of not knowing what is to come, she also learns the perils of what being oblivious can create. Li Lu noted, "I make films in an attempt to understand things that I am curious about.  I wanted to show the inner struggles of two lost souls, each at their own stage of disconnection, while reflecting the spirit and landscape of the South. TIANWS aims to capture not only the thrill of love and adventure, but also intense moments of introspection.   As a reaction to our frenzied culture where immediacy pervades every facet of our lives, I wanted to make a film that focuses on powerful stillness, unafraid to linger on the precious moments of pause in one's life. Abundant in passion but lacking in ways to physically manifest it, this story was a way for me to try to understand myself and fight my own self-doubts ."

This film definitely allows the audience to think and have dialogue in their heads as they watch and move along with Sylvia and Esteban (Maurice Compte) throughout the film. It allows for moments of wow, I wonder how that feels, and that may not end so well. Whatever your inner dialogue says, Li Lu hopes that her viewers can connect to the characters on some level. Here is what she shared with us about what she hopes happens...."I hope audiences can see a lot of themselves in each of the characters. The main message of the film is to inspire others to keep trying to achieve their dreams, however impossible they might seem. I believe that everyone is creative, so therefore everyone understands the feeling of inner turmoil when we cannot produce our best work or express ourselves in the right way. It's a challenging film because it forces the audience to reevaluate their own lives and their life choices while watching it. However, I hope that it's a film that will linger in their minds after seeing it and plant some seeds of inspiration."

Li Lu moved to the USA at the age of 5 from China and has learned many lessons along the way which have helped shaped her film making process. "The strongest lesson that I'll always carry with me is to always trust my instincts, on all levels. If something feels right, then go for it 100%. If a situation feels inauthentic or a recommendation untrustworthy, it probably is. This being my first feature, I was told by lots of older and more experienced people about what I could and could not do. I soon found that there are really no rules to anything - only the rules you set up for yourself, said Li Lu. This energy is found in the film, as Sylvia is seen taking risks and  ultimately finding herself at a crossroad. 

In general, Li Lu hopes to promote diversity, as this China to Texas to Los Angeles filmmaker has seen many walks of life and hopes to help make an impact. "I lead color-blind casting sessions...I am a female Chinese American filmmaker and although the current discussions around diversity have been groundbreaking and overdue, there has been an interesting counter-conversation about what stories we diverse filmmakers are allowed to tell, said Li Lu. "Must we be punished for going off the reservation and be limited to tell one kind of story... Or can we move on and realize that we bleed the same blood and feel the same emotions? Very well put. During this time in history in the making, right now, where restrictions and boxes that have been placed around some are being challenged and adjusted, and others thought to have disappeared have revealed themselves as simple invisible but prominent, it is empowering to know there is an artistic woman of color filmmaker, whom is also color blind to creativity and passion.There Is A New World Somewhere is now out on Video on Demand, IVOD and DVD. Additionally, there are a few remaining  cities with theater showings. To get tickets for the remaining showings listed, and to learn more about the film, visit their website:   If you are interested in having this film come to your city, connect with them at
A very special thanks to Jonah Blechman of PotentPR.

 8/10/16 @ Wright Opera House. 

 8/12/16-8/18/16 @ Catamount Arts Center. 

 8/31/16 @ Allen Theaters, Cineport

 8/31/16 @ Allen Theaters, Gaslight. 

 8/31/16 @ Allen Theaters, Animas. 

 8/31/16 @ Allen Theaters, Galaxy

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