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Saturday, December 16, 2006

The Wendy Williams Film "Queen Of Media" Update

Furqaan Films, in conjunction with Wendy Williams is deciding to go beyond the straight to DVD option for Queen Of Media. While this fabulous development is causing a little delay in beginning production, everyone apart is extremely excited about Queen Of Media now being on the big screen.

Nicole Tucker (Philadelphia, PA), chosen for the role of Wendy in the film has been spending plenty of time with the "Queen of all media" between New York and New Jersey during the week of Decemeber 11th .

To date, the film has over 15 celebrities confirmed to be apart of the film including Wesley Jonathan, Angell Conwell, Vanessa Williams, Lil Kim, Dawn Robinson, Teedra Moses, Chico DeBarge, Melyssa Ford among others. Now that the film is being made for the silver screen and not DVD only, a few script changes have been made. The original script was 130 pages long allowing for all of the actors chosen during the casting call tour to have plenty of space to be worked in the film. Recently, the final script has now been cut to only 89 pages removing a lot of the less important scenes.
"Certain sacrifices had to be made for the overall good of the film. We are now focusing on the bigger picture which is the fact this film will now be in theaters nationwide first, which wasn't the case when we first started. Although we have to remove a lot of the smaller roles from the film, we will make sure everyone is given an opportunity to be an extra to still include them in this project. And we will make a note for the production company's future projects in 2007 to send them casting notices as well," said the casting director of the film.

One thing is for sure...this movie is one of the most highly anticipated urban films for 2007, so we all can agree taking a couple extra months to make everything better will be appreciated at the box office.

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