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Friday, December 28, 2007

2008 Will Be Very Great…For Actress Angell Conwell

No skimping on the sweet potato pie or the dinner rolls, part of Angell Conwell’s holiday activities has been packing on a few extra pounds for a project she is involved with. While it’s a slight adjustment to have weight gain instead of weight loss, Angell is focused on her career development and enjoys the various roles she has been blessed with in 2007. So what will 2008 bring for Angell? LOTS of movie releases. So far, SIX (6) are on the schedule for this rising star. Starting off with “SHOW STOPPERS” where she stars alongside Faun Chambers (Epic Move/White Chicks) as sorority steppers/ leaders on campus. In Angell’s first horror film “PORTAL” she plays the seductive ally who places herself in harms way to help the character Hooke played by Chris Conrad and also stars Kevin Dobson and Alexander Martin. In “FRANKENHOOD” Angell plays a down to earth, quirky and colorful sister of the lead character who has a crush on his best friend along with Charlie Murphy, DeRay Davis and Hassan Johnson. In “THUG PASSION” Angell plays the best friend who shakes things up a bit alongside Elise Neal, Jackie Long, Tamala Jones and Hassan Johnson. In “THE KILLING OF WENDY,” which was filmed in Africa, Angell plays the leading female role of a sexy provocative woman whose past effects her future also starring Rachel True, Vanessa Bell Calloway and Bianca Lawson. In “LOVE FOR SALE” Angell plays opposite R&B singer Mya as the voluptuous best friend. Love for sale also stars Jackie Long, Big Daddy Kane, Clifton Powell among many other urban favorites.

Outside of acting, Angell has plans to complete her self esteem booklet for teenage girls entitled “How to Build Self Esteem Like an Angell.” This project is very special to Angell, especially now, after gaining weight for a project and having to be out at Hollywood events over the holiday season without people knowing the reason for her shapely additions and not always having nice things to say to her. Angell intends on developing a female clothing line starting with adorable baby tees and tanks which have already been sported by celebrity actresses in Hollywood. So keep an eye out for Angell Conwell You may even see her on your favorite station or show ;-)

Angell very slim and athletically fit after filming her role in “The Killing Of Wendy” on October 25th 2007.

  Here intentionally a slightly thicker Angell Conwell after filming her role in “Love For Sale” on December 11th 2007.
Either way, she looks FABULOUS!

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