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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Chico DeBarge Unveils The New Look of THE 9s Magazine


R&B Singer Chico DeBarge recently unveiled the new look of his personal magazine project “THE 9’s” Released on the 29th of every month, the September 2008 issue of THE 9’s contains featured articles on singers Jill Scott, D’Angelo and rapper/community activist KRS-One. In its 16th month of production, THE 9’s Magazine unveils its new slick layout design featuring the NFL’s New York Jets player Kerry Rhodes. THE 9’s contains nine (9) featured sections of the magazine each month with a particular focus on fashion, music, health and the arts. Additional features in the September 2008 issue includes writers Yolonda Coleman, director Damond Gordon and his film The Rothstein Diamond, graphic artist Rodney “BUCK!” Herrring, health topic Sarcoidosis, South Carolina’s Restaurant Gullah Cuisine, Flirty Girl Fitness and what is happening on the celebrity front in Hollywood.


Originally launched in June of 2007, Chico DeBarge along with Shelly McAdoo developed an informative entertainment publication based out of Chicago, IL. “THE 9s” was named after a commonly used phrase of being “dressed to the nines” which today refers to a man or woman having impeccable, up to date style and presence. The phrase originated in 18th Century England, when referencing women's gloves that went up to the elbows which were worn to galas, balls and palace events where one had to dress exceptionally well. Those gloves had nine buttons, so when indicating the need for upscale attire, they'd say "dress to the nines." The term eventually grew to include well dressed men and describes an overall flair which is a commonly used phrase in the mid-west to this day.

After almost a year of successful production, THE 9’s brought on creative consultant and newly appointed Editorial Director Neeta Wooten to take the ideas and look to the next level. New Creative Art Director/Layout Editor Thomas Agnew has taken the personality of Chico DeBarge and sprinkled the flavor throughout the magazine’s graphic presentation. There is an artistic value to the articles that bounce off of the pages, designed to visually intrigue its readers along with its content.

So what’s inside? THE 9s is creative, entertaining and informative stories and topics that cater to the lifestyle of entertainment lovers ages 21-45. You will find features on music, fashion, film, health and fitness, trends and styles, travel and hot spots, celebrity news and sports in the nine (9) sections of the magazine. THE LOOK: Highlights fashion, fitness and beauty trends. THE WHAT: Focuses on health, social and lifestyle topics. THE WHERE: shares where to go for entertainment, vacationing, dining and other places worth knowing about. THE WHO: All about the people that are making it happen in the entertainment industry including celebrities and those on the rise. THE VIEW: Highlights films, art and eclecticism. THE SPILL: Provides the latest in celebrity images, news and gossip. THE KNOW: Recipes, education, foundations/charities and advice. THE MOVES: Everything Sports. THE SOUL: Poetry, authors and literary arts.

THE 9s is currently distributed as an online magazine, based out of Chicago, Illinois. Writers are based all over the country with original imagery produced from Chicago, Los Angeles, New York and Washington, DC. With the online lifestyle community continuously increasing, THE 9s Magazine is able to tap into the international audience at the same time of catering to the interest of those coast to coast. The reach and power of the online magazine is limitless and continuous. Visit THE 9s Magazine at

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