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Monday, August 24, 2009

Red Carpet Premiere for Misunderstandings is a SOLD OUT HIT

The Cast of Misunderstandings with Executive Producers Neeta Wooten and Tamiko Thomas)

The red carpet film premiere for the independent film Misunderstandings went down last night at the Cinema Arts Theatre in Washington, DC area and it was a SMASH HIT.
Special thanks to all of the media who came out to support the film. The cast, crew, friends, family and newly made acquaintances who stumbled upon the event and gave a donation, we greatly appreciate your support and will be donating 100% of the profits to the Maryland branch of the American Cancer Society.

(Tamiko Thomas, Malik Pollard, Neeta Wooten)

To Olishia and James of Creative Two Productions, the energy, care, time, effort, sweat and muscle that you put into making this film premiere happen is appreciated beyond words. True love. Thank you Reece and Arnold for coming all the way from Los Angeles, CA to help make this event spectacular. To Susie Kahlich we are so honored that you made it from California to attend the premiere. A-Nadyah you are so awesome for coming from NY always making it happen for us. Photo rock, as always. Devin Wooten and Tina Clark thank you for sacrificing and coming up from Richmond to provide media coverage and support. We can't wait to see the footage from everyone.

(Leading lady and man Danita Mischelle & Walter Maxfield Jones)

Thank you Arnold for the pictures on A Turner Archives is TAKING OVA!!!

Be on the look out for images, posts, articles, etc by Made 2 Design, Photo Rob, The Washington Post, Afro-American Newspaper, IMEG, Devin W and others!

If anyone has pictures from the red carpet premiere please email them to us HERE and we will post them. Please send us your names so we will know who is in the picture!!!

To our sponsors, Ideal PR Films, D'Orr Studios, CTC PR, PK Imperial, Wood International, DC Assault, Steaz, Zsenzo teas, XS Energy Drink, Too Much International, Inc, Ruth Edwards for Avon and Balance Waters and everyone else who contributed to the gift bags, film and event.

(A sneak peek of the VIP gift bags that were given out to all VIP guest. The Main Cast received all these item plus more including clothing from Privacy Wear, Dangle pens, Saks Fifth Avenue perfume/cosmetics, goodies and movie snacks all in personalized LAVIA canvas bags like the one Robyn is holding below)

Robyn Wood...poses with her specialty cast gift bag with tons of goody items from Saks Fifth Avenue, Privacy Jeans, Dangle pens and all of our sponsors

(Wil "Onix" Lash and Darnerien McCants)

Kiya Snow and Sadya Boyce take a picture with their special cast bags made by Carlita Wooten filled with tons of great goodies especially for them

(Napoleon Shake Rogers)

(Alex Scott and Tamieka Chavis)

(Rodney Green and playboy model Joy Glass)

(Patricia Williams and Annette James)

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