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Thursday, August 11, 2011

"I'm Not Alone" Film Premiere in Hollywood, CA

Story Coverage: Justin Mabrie, Ideal PR Media Correspondent
(Photo Credit: Johnny Otto)

Justin Mabrie with Director Johnny Otto and film guest Sade

This past Wednesday, Award winning director, Johnny Otto premiered his new film, I’m Not Alone at the ultra-sleek Falcon Lounge in Hollywood, CA. Upon arrival, guests were greeted with fun 2-D glasses to ensure they were equipped to view the film in clear Otto-vision. Sponsored by Monster Energy Drink & MovieMaker Magazine, the premiere was filled with enthusiastic guests, some of which are true fans whom have followed Johnny Otto’s work through the years.

With this film in particular, Johnny Otto wore many hats in the production: producer, writer, director, editor and special effects. Having stated, “he was prepared to muli-tasks in productions through film school and training at University of Windsor in Ontario, Canada,” where he mastered his craft and later brought his passion and expertise to Los Angeles.

Having Award winning experience in his portfolio, Johnny Otto coupled tonight’s premiere with two other projects guests were privy to view.

In total: three productions were filmed. I’m Not Alone, starred Vera Chernysheva & Steve Allen in the suspense thriller that kept guests attentively anticipating each moment. Having been inspired by Alfred Hitchcock, Johnny Otto combined a suspenseful plot with deliberate camera angles to demonstrate the film’s tone and creative edge. Additional inspiration was also mused from a former coworker that experienced a similar plot, and now with a Johnny Otto ending. Also included in the night’s line-up was the trailer and television pilot, Bring Me the Head of Walt Disney. The trailer, done in documentary style follows the search of the late Walt Disney’s head, which is said to be an ongoing Los Angeles mystery. And finally, the video for Be The One, starring Adele Heather Taylor & Eric Gorlow, debuted with an eclectic nature that is definitely hoped to acquire even more fans. It is hoped and anticipated that the premieres reach the attention of outside producers and investors so his distinctive creativity can be shared with even more future fans!

After a successful night and an excitingly pleased audience, we congratulate Johnny Otto on his premiere and we will continue to watch out to more to come. And of course: we will have our 2-D glasses to ensure ultimate Otto-vision!

To find out more about this film and other Johnny Otto productions visit his website at

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