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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

CenterStage1 Magazine Releases Monday October 10th, 2011

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CenterStage1 Magazine, the new digital magazine published by Ideal PR Media will be releasing online Monday October 10, 2011. With a private event taking place in Dupont Circle from 6pm-8pm a select few guest will see the reveal of the magazine first hand, receive limited copies, mingle with the staff and some of the featured artists and models while enjoying appetizers and live jazz music.

"I am really excited about the direction of CenterStage1 Magazine," said Editor-in-Chief Neeta Wooten of Ideal PR Media. "I thought long and hard about ways to make the content of this publication both enjoyable for readers as well as exciting for our staff to produce. I looked at my friends and business associates and noticed that while we come from different backgrounds, we all enjoy quality entertainment. That is what centers and gels us together. That is the concept of CenterStage1 Magazine. " When asked to further explain the concept of CenterStage1 and what we can expect to see in the publication each month, she said:

"CenterStage1 focuses on talent. We place the interests of the readers at the center of what we publish. Sharing with our readers common interests and exposing them to new and fresh ideas is our goal.  In each issue we will share people and places, culture and style associated with the performing arts, fine arts, literary arts, and creative arts from all over the world.  You will read about those who are “Thriving,” “Rising” and “Veterans” in the industry along with those influencing “Charity,” and “Fashion.” In addition to “Places” worth mentioning, there are extras on health, food and other special monthly features. Our premiere issue has some great talent features ranging from harmonica player Frederick Yonnet and actress/singer Meital Dohan from Israel to Smart Glass Jewelry, Miami's Bossa Nova Restaurant and celebrity chef Ameera among others."

When asked about the difference between The IDEAL Magazine and CenterStage1 Magazine she noted, "CenterStage1 is a very different from The IDEAL Magazine. CenterStage1 targets professionals with eclectic interests as well as backgrounds ages 30-55years old with international content centering around the arts. The IDEAL Magazine targets youth and young adults ages 13-30 with a focus on celebrity and pop culture topics in the urban community. They are both great publications, but they are very different in content, and demographics. They are both digital publications, meaning it is not a website or blog of stories, but an actual magazine layout that readers can flip through online with the option to purchase a print copy. We like the idea of digital, because everyone around the world can see and experience the publication all the same...and it is never sold out."

Be sure to check back on October 10th for the world wide debut of CenterStage1 Magazine, the new digital publication produced by Ideal PR Media.

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