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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Family Time With Angell Conwell June 18th at 9pm EST

By: Stephanie Walker
Writer/Copy Editor, The IDEAL Magazine
June 2012

Actress Angell Conwell

“It is a really feel good, funny, relatable, down to earth show.  I love the show!” says Angell Conwell about her new sitcom “Family Time.”  Angell stars as a mother and wife who is thrust from a working-class lifestyle into a middle-class lifestyle after her husband wins a scratch off lottery ticket.  Her husband is played by her “Baby Boy” co-star and long-time friend, Omar Gooding.  Angell has enjoyed being paired up with Omar again.  “It is great working with him.  I am honored.”  

Omar is not the only cast member on this show that Angell has worked directly with from another project.  In addition, Kristoff St. John from "The Young And The Restless" (her other current TV show) is a part of the "Family Time" cast as well. “The character he [Kristoff] plays on 'Family Time' is funny, in seeing he gets to have a lot of fun. It [his character] was already written funny to begin with, but he just really gave it a whole lot of life and made it super funny.”  

The show is not only hilarious, but also very relatable.  “Family Time” addresses common issues that affect today’s families.  From coming of age, to divorce and paternity issues, this show tackles it all with class and humor.  Seeing young African-Americans taking on such meaty leading roles is very satisfying to the eye and soul.  Not only is this Angell’s first leading role, but it is also the station's first original program. Bounce is America’s first African American broadcast network.  Pretty impressive. On being part of such a historical moment Angell says, “This is a pretty awesome situation. It is something I prayed for.” 

Share in Angell’s joy and tune in to the premiere of “Family Time” on the Bounce Network Monday June 18th at 9 pm EST.

A very special thanks to Angell Conwell for a wonderful phone interview.

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Unknown said...

Thanks for that article on Angell. I was wondering what happened to her since Baby Boy. Sounds like she's doing great. Congrats to her and her cast members on the new show and new network!

Carolyn said...

I Love Angell. Glad to see she has that leading role on Network TV! I love her on The Young and the Restless as Leslie the Lawyer! Happy to see her in another positive role. She is a beautiful woman

Greg W said...

I truly enjoyed reading this article. Kudos to Mrs. Walker!! It's a pleasure to see such a talented actress in such a well deserved role. I look forward to watching you and the equally amazing cast!


wow! I love new shows, that show positivity versus us fighting like cats in an alley. Much sucess to this show, hopefully it will encourage networks to focus more on the positive side than the negative. great article Mrs. Walker, I cant wait to read your other works.

Anonymous said...

I love Angell. I always check with Ideal PR to see what she is doing. Such a positive beautiful actress. I remember she was on Dave's World on CBS back in the day. She deserves to be back on Primetime TV

Anonymous said...

Angell and Omar did well on the show. I would have missed it if it wasn't for the Idealpr tweet. I thought the time was 8pm PT instead of 6pm! Show looks to have potential. Unsure of the kids, they seem to be green on the screen. Didn't like the amount of profanity, it seemed unnecessary.

Anonymous said...

I wish I had BOUNCE in my area. It would have been nice to see the show. I am glad that Angell and Omar have finally gotten lead roles.

The D said...

Been watching Omar since he was on the Barbershop series and I honestly loved him in that role great to see him back on TV and in a leading role will most def check the show out

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