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Monday, July 23, 2012

Chryst Young Introduces Rap-Tronica (rap + electronics)

Chryst Young in The IDEAL Magazine July 2012

Chryst Young 
The IDEAL Magazine (
Words: Katina Charles
Images: Courtesy of Chryst Young
New music is like a breath of fresh air.  New artist Chryst Young hails from NYC and emerges with a different style and a huge following, a 14.2k twitter following to be exact! This is quite a feat for an unsigned artist, who is also an aspiring actor.  The world should get to know Chryst Young “26 years young” and “Single & Mingling.”  He has a keen insight into who he is and where he sees himself in the near future.

He describes his music as Rap-Tronica (rap + electronic). His main goal when composing his sound is “change the vibe of  [my fan’s] day, Life is short so I make party, feel good & have fun/enjoy life music.” He feels music is important because it is all about his passion and love of his craft. “I’m really doing what I love.  I love to write new music, record and perform it [and] I was once told ‘find something you love doing and you will never work a day in your life,’ so I love to do what I do and do what I love. Living with no regrets.” That is the mantra everyone strives to achieve in this life and a lucky few actually accomplish this. He says, “Life is what you make it. People can either complain about whatever they don’t like in their lives or simply do something about it to change it. Anything in life is possible with hard work and dedication.” Chryst Young has a great point there, I can see why he has the following that he does.

He speaks fondly of his current project. “I’m currently working on my new mixtape: The Hip Hop Takeover 101 Vol. 2 and filming my reality TV series [entitled] Day in the Lyfe of Chryst, which airs on www.suite929.TV. My show brings the world into the life of a young songwriter/actor that will stop at nothing.”  When asked about his future he said, “I’ve really just been working on my business end in the music industry. I’ll continue working hard and recording quality music; it feels like finally I’m getting noticed for my talents. It feels good when fans in different countries write me on twitter and tell me how much they love my music and reality TV series.”

Chryst Young is indeed something to watch out for. A musician that can act and one that is also very easy on the eyes. You can catch up with him via his website, Twitter or Facebook.

Twitter: @ChrystyoungNYC
Facebook: Chryst Young



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