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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Chris "Deep" Henderson's Tribute song to Michael Jackson...Just in time for Halloween

This is the most insanely awesome tribute song to Michael Jackson by producer Chris "Deep" Henderson (producer of Blame it on the Alcohol for Jamie Foxx) Just in time for Halloween. If you are a die hard Michael Jackson fan, you will repeat watching this video at least 5 least! I can see Chris Brown or The Weekend or even Justin Beiber making this song epic. Chis notes he is not a singer, he just created this concept where he shows fans how he creates and is inspired during his song writing and producing process. But most people who know music know that someone lays down the "example" of how the song should sound for production purposes (so-to-speak) and that is what this is. We have been a fan ever since the song he produced for Case called "Happily Ever After" one of the most played wedding songs featuring BeyoncĂ© in the video. With Halloween being a huge boost in Michael Jackson's Thriller plays/spins (wait...can I say spins? Do Dj's actually "spin" anymore?). Chris "Deep" Henderson delivers in my opinion an EPIC tribute song "Thrill Her" with sexy metaphoric innuendos and word play referencing the infamous catalog of songs on and leading up to the Thriller album. Definitely show/share this video with your friends! Watch the video below


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