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Thursday, June 30, 2016

SUEDE Shoes in the Summer? YES!

While suede is thought to be a fall or winter "exclusive," there is nothing wrong with wearing certain suedes in the spring or summer. In terms of shoes, people wear leather shoes all year-round. And technically, there is no difference in the way suede feels on your feet compared to leather. So if your concern is about "heat" do not be concerned.

However, open toe suede shoes may be more comfortable (mentally) to those who are looking to ease into the trend, or try it out. And yes, you can sneak a pair of booties with the heels out or the toes out in the summer time. Wearing suede in the spring in risky because of the rain, but just check the weather report, and if you are concerned, bring a pair of back up non-suede shoes in case of an unexpected downpour.

Bright colored open toe or open heel suede shoes are perfect for the summer. Flip-flops, sandals and single strap pumps are flooding the summer streets. Do you have a favorite pair of suede shoes you have worn in the summer? 

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