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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

(video inside) 305 Fitness Celebrates 2 Years With A Burn!

The IDEAL mag was invited to experience the celebration of 2 years for fitness group ((305)) Fitness in Washington, DC over the weekend. And it was intense! video inside

A very special thanks to Jocelyn Levy, Quiana, Byron, and Andrea of Reebok

Happy 2 Year Anniversary ((305)) Fitness
Miami inspired fitness group "((305)) Fitness" celebrated its 2 year anniversary with a free high intensity class on the Washington National Mall. Lead by 4 Washington, DC based ((305)) (located inside the BodySmith Gym at 1630 14th St NW next to Miss Pixie's), they kept the crowd going. Although I did not participate (my foot is still healing from being broken and sprained, ouch!) the crowd was well engaged with the instructors who moved around the crowd to the beats of a live DJ, which by the way, is apart of every class in their studio. About halfway through each class, the instructor leads a sculpting section, targeting different body parts each class, followed by a 5 minute “sprint” of interval training. The class ends with more dancing, a cool down, and a stretch.

Sponsors including Whole Foods (fruit and water), Health Warrior (Energy bars) and Taylor Gourmet (salads and sandwiches) replenished all attendees and Reebok (towels) and Ian McCabe Studios (hair ties) helped to maintain their appearances. And I must say, Health Warrior Chia Bar (Acai Berry) is my new favorite

Why We Love ((305)) Fitness?
They offer an underground non-stop cardio experience that infuses dance moves, sports drills and high intensity interval training to create a full-body workout. Classes feature a live DJ and rhythmic light show and claims to provide about an 800 calorie burn in one class! That is intense. The energy and momentum of the instructors stand out above the rest. And I should know,  I have been doing aerobics since the "20 Minute Workout" in the 80's..yeah...I know :-)  It takes a lot for me to be impressed with fitness instructors...and I am impressed. I intend to take a class once my foot mends a little more from being broken.

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