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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Ambi Sponsored ABFF Party


Actress Gabrielle Dennis (CW "The Game") and Neeta Wooten were invited to attend the Women in Film ABFF event sponsored by Ambi. Inside client Gabrielle Dennis took portrait photos with Dimitry, spoke with the fabulous writer Rych McCain and was shot on the red carpet by Vinnie and Hiltron. Passed trays and Bombay Sapphire drinks moved through the crowd and provided a very nice party atmosphere for the evening. Also in attendance was the Editor from the film "Misunderstandings" Stefan Latoure (pictured), cast member from the film Misunderstandings Valeta Sutton (also pictured), Hampton University alumni and film producer Richard Montgomery and play writer/director Fred Thomas who is currently promoting the new play (by Don B Welch) "My Brother's Keeper" running in Hollywood.

Ambi, who sponsored the most unique and adorable bags were the sponsors. And we all must say (who received the bag) that this AMBI bag and inside products was one of the best gift bags with useable WONDERFUL products we have received in a long time. We are loving the even & clear face wash and daily moisturizer (SPF 30!!!) and the soft and even creamy oil lotion. The air is dry in California :-) so the products are being used and LOVED!!! The Ambi bag included about 10 full sized skin care products including exfoliating wash, targeted mark minimizer, fade cream and all sorts of other creamy products! Very special Thanks to Cecy, Tiffany and Danielle (AMBI) for a great party and a wonderful gift bag

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