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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Hassan Johnson Proves There Is Fire After "The Wire"

(Tori/Black Enterprise Mag & Hassan)

Seasoned actor and Ideal PR client Hassan Johnson, known most for his role "Wee-Bey" on HBO's 5 season run series "The Wire" was in Beverly Hills, CA last weekend. The big question everyone wanted to know..."Since the The Wire is what?"

Hassan, who just finished filming "Brooklyn's Finest" with Don Cheadle, Wesley Snipes and directed by Antoine Fuqua proves that there is FIRE after The Wire :-) Hassan is enjoying the buzz about his 3 films set for 2008 release including "Who's Deal" (which he also has a producer credit), "Frankenhood" and "The American Dream." Don't forget, Hassan did have a 2 year run overlapping "The Wire" on NBC's hit series "ER."

While Hassan prefers to work instead of relax, he did get an opportunity to relax a little before heading back to New York to begin prepping for his next project

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