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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

What is Your Water? The IDEAL Magazine Get's Celebrity Input

Singer LeAnn Rimes with IG Water
Ideal PR Media's correspondent Justin Mabrie has been working on a story for the next issue of the magazine and he has spoken to dozens of celebrities who are passionate about their water brand of choice. Some brands were no surprise that they were mentioned, but a couple of brands were very unexpected to be in the top 5 water brands mentioned. Be sure to stay tuned...

For now, here is a sneak peek at one of the favorite brands some of the celebrities are raving about.

Singer LeAnn Rimes loves Icelandic Glacial Water. She uses IG to refresh her singing voice and quench her thirst.

Why do celebs love Icelandic Glacial Water so much? It is the the world's first certified carbon-neutral bottled water and is produced using only natural, renewable power sources, packaged in recyclable plastic... and they say it tastes delicious!
Special Thanks to ALEX for the photos.
What is YOUR favorite Water?


Anonymous said...

Die hard Voss water drinker

Krytal K. said...

I still like Fiji

Anonymous said...

Good ole tap :-) with a britta filter

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