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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Tamala Jones: Castle

Story: Neeta Wooten (Ideal PR Media)
Images: Courtesy of AGPR

 Tamala Jones shows that with hard work, one can move from a condo into a "castle." Always pegged for her innocent smile and girl-next-door appeal, most people were introduced to her as an actress in 1997 through the film "Booty Call." Ms. Jones has come a long way since that film and can now be seen on prime time on ABC's #1 Drama "CASTLE." While TV is where Tamala started her national acting career with small appearances TV shows "On Our Own" and "Parenthood," there is nothing small about Tamala's role as Dr. Lanie Parish on America's favorite Television channel.  On this show, Dr. Parish is a sassy, sexy coroner, who encourages Beckett (Stana Katic) and Castle (Nathan Fillion) to act on their escalating feelings for each other. Jones’ character was originally written for a Caucasian woman and was only meant to be just a recurring role. However, Tamala captivated casting directors and the character was not only re-written for her, but also transformed into a starring role. Season Four will show the development of the relationship Castle viewers are anticipating.   

When asked about the correlation between her personal life and character, she admitted that she has never been to a real morgue, but that she is "so goofy sometimes it's ridiculous." And that is why we love Tamala. She is a home-girl who keeps it real, and can step on set and be sophisitcated, in charge and in control.

CASTLE will return on Monday, September 19th at 10:00pm on ABC.
In addition to Television, Tamala can been seen in the new film  which she co-produced called "35 and Ticking" alongside Kevin Hart, Nicole Ari Parker, Megan Good, Wendy Raquel Robinson and Keith Robinson, directed by Russ Parr.  She said she is looking to grow from co-producing to being an executive producer and eventually directing. Tamala noted admiring the career moves of Debbi Allen and said she aspires to take the journey of expanding the hats she wears.

 I remember meeting Tamala while working on the film "Head of State," which was filmed in Baltimore Maryland, starred and directed by Chris Rock. Tamala was kind and professional to all of the cast and crew and was a joy to watch in action. I had an opportunity to get to know Tamala on a more personal level while at the Charlie Mack party for Peace weekend one year. She has a kind heart and a giving spirit.  I am happy to see that she is in a role of power as an African American woman on a major prime time Television show. That says a lot. Ideal PR Media will continue to support you Tamala in all of your efforts. Thank you for always being kind to us and for taking time to share.

Here is a sneak peak of a clip from this upcoming season 


Anonymous said...

She has come a long way. He acting has improved a lot. I liked her in Head of State. I actually liked the movie, but I am a Chris Rock fan.

Dale said...

She has always been super sexy. Good for her, she deserves a step up role

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