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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

JD Williams "Bodie" from HBO's The Wire...The IDEAL Magazine "exclusive"

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JD Williams played "Bodie" on HBO's critically acclaimed "The Wire," which is coming upon its 10 year anniversary. The IDEAL Magazine honored this show by creating a 22 page editorial spread with some of the characters from the show. JD was a part of this tribute, and here are a few EXTRAS to go along with the featured article featured on pages 22-23:

What were you doing (in your life) when you joined the cast of the Wire? "When the wire started I was doing my first barrage of Indies...and Pootie Tang,hahaha"

How do you feel your character changed the dynamics of the show? "My character affected the dynamic of the show by giving the viewers another perspective to analyze and cheer for. You had someone at EVERY level who was likable and hate-able."


Tara Denman with JD on The IDEAL Magazine shoot set
Photographer: Shamel Williams
Stylist: Tara Denman
Marv the Barb, Tara Denman, Shamel Washington on The IDEAL Magazine Shoot set
"Hassan, Julito and JD, it was an extreme pleasure to work with all of you.  You all exuded immense professionalism and delivered remarkable work.  I hope to work with each one of you in the near future."  -Tara D."

Groomer: Marvin "Marv The Barb" Church 

""Working in 3 different cities for the "Wire shoot" was inspirational due to the success of the individuals that were a part of it. It was great to work with others who share the same passion and dedication in their profession. This was a full circle moment."

Make-up: Krintine Rangel
"It was an honor to work with the cast from "The Wire" & even more JD williams and granting me the opportunity to work on him as his makeup artist. All 3 men were awesome and very down to earth & wouldn't second guess it if they ask me to work with them in the future." - Kristine Rangel

Editorial Assistant: Louel Valentine
Shoot Location: New York
3­Piece Suit:  The Curious Man - designed by Patrick Kennedy

Shirt:  The Curious Man - designed by Patrick Kennedy

Scarf: B. OYAMA 


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