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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Actor's Spotlight: Sufe Bradshaw

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Words: Stephanie Walker, Writer

Sufe Bradshaw plays the no-nonsense character of Sue in the new HBO comedy "VEEP."

Acting is not what she does, it is who she is.  Sufe Bradshaw has been playing characters since she was a young girl.  Growing up in a large family, there were always talent shows and in home performances to allow her imagination to come to life.  She took that passion to the famed Actor’s Studio where she honed in on her craft.  “What I learned from the Actor’s Studio is that a character in acting can always get better...There is never a finished product.  Acting is a work in progress. It is always ok to explore the character and to treat every scene like it’s a rehearsal as opposed to a finished product.”

Sufe has definitely evolved.  Her talents have been showcased in theatre, film and most recently television.  Sufe plays the no-nonsense character of Sue in the new hit HBO comedy VEEP.  She jumped at the opportunity to work alongside such greats as Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Armando Iannucci and Simon Blackwell who have done such good work in the industry. She also sees a bit of herself in the character Sue Wilson. “I have a pretty straightforward quality about me.  What we share in common is that we are pretty straight forward.  I’m like that slightly with my acting career and my process. I am more applicable than Sue” laughs Sufe.

Sufe Bradshaw is not limited to her acting abilities.  She also practices the art of spoken word as a poet herself; this is another opportunity for her to communicate with the world.  Performing at the Greenway Court Theatre allows her to stay active with the youth.  Sufe is a community activist and has a strong passion for today’s youth. This passion is taking her to another level in her career which is that of documentarian. She is currently developing a new documentary that highlights teens in today’s world and the choices that they make.  Sufe states, “I like telling stories.  I think acting is a great conduit to communication.  The idea of being able to reach a child in China through the art of acting, I am able to communicate (hypothetically) with that kid.  That is a big power to have; it is a great tool to help people see our similarities vs. our differences.” One of Sufe’s favorite quotes is “Be the change that you want to see in the world” by Gandhi.  I do believe she is well on her way.



Anonymous said...

She is funny on the show.

Anonymous said...

Oh wow, I have to watch this show next season!

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