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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Angell Conwell: Getting To Know Her

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The IDEAL Magazine | August 2012
Interview/Story By: Stephanie Walker, Writer

The BOUNCE TV Network's “Family Time” leading lady Angell Conwell proves that patience pays off in Hollywood. This lovely Leo (August 2nd) opens up to The IDEAL Magazine about her journey and new show.  Known for her eye catching roles in most of the films she has been in, but Angell Conwell is much more than a pretty face and gorgeous body! Angell is growing not only in her career, but also as a woman.  She delves into her passions, her dreams and what keeps her going.  Angell really is heavenly.

You are remembered for movies like “The Wash,” “Soul Plane,” and of course “Baby Boy.” What has life been like for you since then?
It’s been good! I have been pretty fortunate where I can find work back to back.  Lately I have become a lot more aware of the projects that I involve myself in. I am just really conscious of what type of message that I send out and what type of roles I am playing.  Over the past five years I have definitely gotten a lot more focused and I think that I have matured a lot. Hopefully the work that is coming out will reflect that.  

What is on your vision board right now?
The designing was the first thing on the vision board, a lot of family, encouragement, philanthropy. That is pretty much it and work of course...

What would you say you are looking forward to in your career right now?
Just growing and learning and working with new people and continuing to have fun.  That is really what it is about.  It is always a blessing to be able to figure out your passion early in life and discover what it is that gives you life. I think it is a passion when you move into having a good time when you are doing it. I always feel like that when it comes to acting and playing characters and telling stories.  I look forward to continuing to have a good time but at the same time inspiring others to do the same.  

If there is one thing people would be surprised to know about you, what would that be?
Funny, I don’t know what people think of me now. I don’t know what people would be surprised to know.  Basically, I am silly, I’m goofy.  I am really goofy.  I think a lot of people, from what I’ve heard, when people look at me that I might be like this vixen. My personality is a lot more playful and silly than people would realize.  I am a goofball.  I definitely have a clumsy bone or two or three in my body! When I was at the premiere of Baby Boy and I was getting out of the limousine, and of course I was trying to have my little moment. You know, on the red carpet hopping out cameras flashing, you want to be and look great and sexy.  So I get out and I just bump my head on the door and it was just this whole charade of okay well there that goes.  (laughs) There goes the sexy getting out of the car moment! As long as you do it with confidence, whatever you want, as long as you do it with confidence you will make it work. 

Tell us about your new show “Family Time” and how you got involved with the project?
“Family Time” is something that I am actually really honored to be a part of.  I have always admired Bentley Kyle Evans, who created the show, I have always admired his work.  “Martin” was one of my favorite shows of all time.  I loved “The Jamie Foxx Show.”  I just really enjoy his work. I had gone in and auditioned for him a couple of times for him and Stacey Evans Morgan {who is his sister}. She is also a producer/writer on the show.  I have auditioned for him several times for other projects and they just never clicked. He kept me in mind and I had a feeling that we would get to work together someday but I didn’t know I would be playing a leading woman in a new sitcom, which is definitely God making His moves. It is kind of hard because I have been there before when you do something and you work on a project and then you see it and “Oh my goodness!” What am I gonna do?  As actors, all you can do is read a script and either you connect with it or you don’t. You do your best. After that it is editing and other things that go on that is out of your control.  So it is always a true blessing when a project comes along and you see it and you are wowed and amazed as you thought you would to begin with. It’s a good feeling.

What is it like to work with Omar Gooding again after 10 years since Baby Boy?
It is good.  It just feels right.  We click.  We are friends.  We have history.  We have good chemistry and it is good that we are friends because actually back in the day we were in a relationship for a few years.  And so sometimes you never know how that is going to work out.  So it is a good thing that we are still good friends and have good chemistry and Omar is just a great talent, honestly.  He is good when it comes to drama, he is good when it comes to comedy. I, personally as a fan of his work, I just think it is a great thing to see him go from playing you know “Hanging with Mr. Cooper,” “Smart Guy,” and being the funny friend to now being the leading man.  I truly think he deserves it because he is just that talented.  He deserves the shot, he deserves to be the lead and it just took time.  

How does it feel to be in a leading role on the first African American broadcast station and its first original program?
Pretty awesome! You know you pray for things and you are not sure how or where it is going to fit in on God’s timeline. So you have to just hope that it comes to fruition sooner than later but you just never know.  But I remember Stacy Evans Morgan told me, she basically said that good things come to those who wait, but great things come to those who wait just a little bit longer.  That is something that I always keep in mind.  Cause I definitely have been patient and I will continue to be patient. I have been in this entertainment business for quite some time, and I think that this is a great opportunity and it is very much a blessing. 

You have appeared on the Young and the Restless the last couple of years. How are you enjoying soap opera life?  Are we going to see more of you?
Oh thank you! We have been in contact with the Y&R Family over there and there may be some Leslie sightings soon from what I hear.  I hope so, fingers crossed!  It will definitely make my granny happy I can tell you that much.  She loves Young and the Restless; it is her favorite thing in the world.  I think it is great.  The soaps force you to be on top of your game.  Just because they don’t do a lot of takes.  They move very fast.  They shoot a complete entire episode in one day in less than twelve hours.  It truly forces you to become better than your best.  It removes time for slip ups really.  You have to know your lines, none of that forgetting your lines.  Everything has to be on point.  It has really helped me.  I think it’s helped me trust myself a lot more. It has helped me become a better actress in general and that is what it really is about.  It’s about growing. 

What’s it like working with Kristoff St. John on two shows?
It is cool.  He is such a funny person.  Neil (his character on Young and the Restless) is more of a conservative character.  Kristoff, when the cameras are off, is a ball of fun.  There’s a lot of laughs, he has jokes and he just has a great energy.    They are “bougie” neighbors. They are “bougie” and looking at us like who are you.  Omar’s character goes to give Kristoff a pound and Kristoff’s character is looking at him like he doesn’t know what to do with that pound.  He is really funny.  I couldn’t keep a straight face in the scene that we were in with them.  

Is there anything else you want to share or you think we should know about you or about the show?
I appreciate the people who have been supportive over my career and even the new supporters who notice now.  I realize that a lot of people didn’t realize that I have been varied in so much for so long so people are just starting to connect the dots.  Oh that’s the girl from! It is cool that people are finally starting to connect the dots; I appreciate it.  I want to say to everybody reading this to keep it going, take it day to day, every day do something to fulfill your purpose and never, never let the bad days make you stop doing what God told you to do.  Definitely keep up with me on twitter @AngellConwell!
Indeed we will Angell! Be sure to tune in to “Family Time” Mondays at 9pm on Bounce and “The Young and the Restless” weekdays on CBS.

To connect with Angell & to learn more about her visit her website:
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