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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Summer Crosley: Helping to Protect Our Planet In Style

Model and actress Summer Crosley uses her beauty to help conserve the ocean. "Most people fail to realize the importance of ocean life conservation to protect our planet.  
I want to remind my peers and the youth community that littering puts our beautiful wildlife — dolphins, whales, sea turtles, tropical fish at risk of endangerment and extinction." ~Summer Crosley

IM: When you think of fall fashion, what comes to mind?   
SC: I think of Chic dressy pants with a satin body suit and some awesome heels, maybe throw in a trench coat to really set it off. 

IM:In all of your travels as a model, tell us some of your favorite places you have shot and why   
SC: Bali and Fiji, the water is amazing, the ocean, the trees, everything about it!   Both of these places are so alive and they both make me really appreciate the oceans and all the life we have in the oceans, the fish, reef, coral, etc. 

IM: Tell us about your acting career and what has been different between modeling and acting   
SC: Acting and modeling are both similar, and I love both!  Modeling is great because you get to have this beautiful hair and makeup and be styled in amazing clothes and shoot at some of the prettiest locations!   Acting is fun because it really allows me to use my communication skills and play someone for the day that is not me! I get to act out my life according to the role.   Its always fun being someone else for the day

IM: Look in your purse and tell us 5 items that you have in there now.   SC: iphone, lip closs, sunscreen , credit cards, mirror

IM: What are your favorite beauty items you must always have when you travel (i.e. a special lotion, perfume, blush, lip gloss, bronzer etc)?   
SC: La mer suncreen , vitamin e oil, nars bronzer, burt bees lip moisturizer

IM: When you are not working, what are some things you enjoy doing?   
SC: I enjoy anything outdoors, biking along the beach, hiking, running, watching a good movie, exploring and checking out new spots!  And cooking good food, I love to make my own dinners

IM: If you were given unlimited cash, which designers would you adorn your closet with?   
SC: Gucci, Rebecca Taylor, Marc Jacobs, D&G, Frye boots!

IM: Are there any projects you are working on, modeling or acting?   
SC: I just shot for a Rich and Skinny jeans, and will be appearing next season on Californication! 

IM: Is there anything additional you would like to share with our readers?   

SC: To please help make a difference in helping to protect our oceans, if you could just pick up 1 piece of trash on the beach it will make a huge difference! 

IDEAL PR MEDIA would like to give a special thanks to Emma Venn.
Photo Credit: E Venn

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