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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

This Season of NBC's "The Voice" Front Runners To Win It All

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The Top 10 is about to narrow down to the Top 8 on NBC's hit series "The Voice." This group of judges is by far the best out of all of the mix of all judges throughout the years. If you are like the millions who downloaded The Voice App on your phone, you can chose your favorite 5 to be on your team (you could up until the live performances started) and now you can watch and compare your choices to the remaining performers each week. Now, part of the excitement each week comes with seeing how well my team is doing. So far, all of my 5 members are still in the running.  While each week someone gets sent home, after watching several seasons of The Voice, I have learned that who you like the most, and who will move on to the TOP 8 are not always one in the same.

Below are the 5 artist I think will be in this for the long haul. While I feel that others are super talented (even some of the ones who are now eliminated), these are the ones I think will have the highest probability of moving to the Semi-Finals.

Jordan Smith: Beyond being unique, his voice is basically flawless. His song choices I feel have been perfect and he is paired with the right coach for his style. He is a finalist for sure.

Amy Vachal: She is a true artist with a standout ability to be creatively unique. Her adaptations and renditions of popular songs has my iTunes download votes every week. Although she deserves to, she probably won't win, but for her, that is probably better. That way she can navigate her career the way she wants, because she is in a lane and league of her own.

Emily Ann Roberts: Let's face it...she is awesome and America loves country music. Past seasons prove that. And she is on #TeamBlake so her odds are super high for being in the Finals.

Madi Davis: She has a style and sounds that she owns. And we love that about her. She does not appear to be influenced by superficial antics. And that is impressive...and she is only 16!

Our last pick was a little tough. I am  almost certain it will be Barrett Baber, but I just love Shelby Brown and hope she makes it all the way through, but we know how these things go! I think both will end up in the top 6.   America just digs Barrett and  Shelby is the girl next door! I have a strong feeling that 5 of these names listed will be in the Semi-finals and they are definitely your top 6. I kinda feel that Jeffrey Austin  is the wild-card. But as we know, the competition is stiff and any one mistake, like a bad song choice or a few missed notes and it is a complete game changer! And we shall see on the results show!

One thing is for sure, Jordan will be in the FINALS.

Oh how I love The Voice!


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