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Monday, November 30, 2015

Music Duo ASTR: Current EP Available for Download #MusicMonday

The music duo ASTR

The music duo ASTR just released their Homecoming EP and just wrapped touring with Ryan Weaver, ending in Washington, DC last week.

It always feels like dusk when you listen to ASTR. Sometimes they take you to an after-afterparty on the Dead Sea. Sometimes they’ll find you alone somewhere in Iceland, lowering yourself into a natural hot spring. Wherever their music takes you, the sun just slipped under the horizon. The light is perfect and you’re probably near water. New York City’s ASTR is a two-person constellation: Zoe Anna on vocals and Adam Pallin handling production. After meeting in a Manhattan yoga studio, they started writing music together. Soon enough, with a shared love of deep house, 90s hip-hop, film noir and R&B, ASTR was born.

In a few short years, ASTR has added to the realm of electronic/alternative/evolved R&B. ASTR has unique slinks between styles like a kid hiding in a department store clothes rack—just out of view, smothered in a carousel of textures. Ideal PR Media is digging this duo!

To learn more about ASTR visit their website:

Listen to their EP here: 

A special thanks to Lily for keeping us in the loop.

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