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Sunday, February 7, 2016

Super Bowl 50 Commercial Wins, Fails and Other Shenanigans (Videos Inside)

Before I highlight The IDEAL Magazine's Super Bowl 50 Commercial Wins, I just want to say a few words about the super bowl itself. The introduction of the past 49 Super Bowl MVP’s was epic and had me screaming and losing my composure before the game even started. I loved seeing the current MVP of the NBA Stephan Curry bang the Carolina Panthers "Keep Pounding" drum for the NFL's current MVP Cameron Newton. The Pepsi Halftime Show featuring ColdPlay with Beyonce and Bruno Mars was insanely EPIC. I think I lost the pounds from eating Super Bowl party food while dancing and screaming during the show (good way to get your cardio in). I was really pulling for Cam Newton and the NC Panthers...but they took a minute to get their groove going and the Denver Broncos defense...well, we saw the outcome. I still love you Cam! (I am a Redskins fan, but I can appreciate a talented player on another team).


First I will get the absolute WORST commercial of 2016 Super Bowl 50 out of the way: Mountain Dew Kickstart…Absolutely hated it. Not sure if I just hated the animals licking, or the confusion around the #PuppyMonkeyBaby or just everything about the concept. EPIC FAIL hence THE WORST. But the can looks fly.

While last year the themes were more sentimental and focused on family and fathers, this year the commercials were comical and any that involved a back and forth exchange of words between two people seemed to be the best ones.

I think Hyundai won overall with two of the best commercials of the night. Hyundai's #overprotective dad was the cutest commercial with Kevin Hart as the dad and Paige Hurd as the daughter. I Didn’t care for the one with the bears too much, but I did love the 3rd commercial with "Ryanville," especially the line with the cop and driver "Can you give me a warning?" Cop: "Sure, Warning, here comes your ticket." That single line alone got my vote. commercial with Lil Wayne “Weezy” was cute. The reference to “George and Weezy” with other clever word play song and Good Times TV show references get a thumbs up in my book.

Amazon Echo commercial with Missy, Alec and Dan Marino was clever and cute. The comedy and joaning (as we say in DC) was a common theme and I loved it!

The Shock Top Beer commercial was hilarious. I loved the back and forth "Joaning" (as we call it in the DC area). Definitely one of my absolute favorites of the night.

the TMobile commercial with Drake featuring his song #HotLineBling was very creative. Loved it. Didn't like the one with Steve Harvey, although I understood the point.

Loved the Audi R8 car...and the commercial tribute to Dave Bowie. Very classy.

The Doritos commercial with the ultra sound and the baby was slow to become cute but made me laugh at the end. The one with the dogs did the exact same thing…slow going to understand the point, but gave a big punchline at the end. Both need a better edit.

I did like the Budlght Commercial. That was a cleverly funny “Caucus” reference. And I love what Budweiser did with the Helen Miren commercial encouraging people to NOT DRIVE DRUNK. #Needed.

TurboTax Anthony Hopkins was very cute…very very effective.
I like what Intuit Quickbooks did by highlighting a small business…just wish it were with a better commercial.

The BELOW COMMERCIALS are NOT ON OUR BEST of 2016 LIST, but needed to be mentioned for one reason or another.

Not sure how I feel about Key and Peel squarespece commercial and the NFL commercial of the kids singing about their parents banging Super Bowl night and being the product of it (I can't wrap my head around being OK with that). But maybe I was just tired since it was after halftime, and I tend to loose steam after halftime from all of the dancing and screaming and food. Any commercials that come on after halftime have to be EPIC in order for me to care and pay attention.

The Pepsi commercial could have been a little more creative and I did not care for the Coca Cola commercial, but I thought their slogan was ingenious “Sometime you just want a little.” Falling in line with a more health conscious America who is supposedly consuming less soda than in the past.

LG OLED TV, was kinda cool because I love Liam. Otherwise they should have consider some of the other pitches that included Liam as well because it was very...ummm...forgettable.
OH...Michael & Son (in the DC area) with the Mike Tyson commercial (I am sure it only aired locally in the DC area) was catchy with Mike Tyson sounding so silly at the end singing that hook.

I became very excited when I saw the Independence Day 2 and XMEN Apocalypse  commercial trailers. I know they are not "technically" commercials but they were two highlights of my in-between game play experiences. And OMG Jessie T. Usher (from the TV show Survivors Remorse) is in Independence Day 2. Eye Candy YES!


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