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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Brian J. White Releases His Book of Tools To Live By: "Black Carpenter"

As talent goes, Brian J. White is about as talented as one man could be. He is smart, witty, athletic, endearing, attractive and giving, among many other qualities. His background includes being accomplished as an actor, NFL player, professional dancer, youth activist and an all-around great guy. Yesterday, along with co-author Anna Cheshire Levitan, Brian released the Kindle Edition of their new book "Black Carpenter: Straight Talk to Build a Solid Foundation" through ( Now, Brian can add the title "Author" to his list of accomplishments. This book will undoubtedly change lives and impact futures. Something we are sure this humble gentleman from Massachusetts intends.

Brian stood out in the background of the film "The Best Man" and never had to say a word. Now he is speaking from his heart and sharing his personal knowledge about how to use these tools to become the best you that you can be. The title of the book "Black Carpenter" is a metaphor in the sense that he shows you how to build a successful life - no matter what race, nationality or background from which you derive. And he should know! How many people can say they have played in the NFL, starred on TV shows (Men of A Certain Age, The Shield, Second Time Around, etc.), films (The Family Stone, Stomp The Yard, Fighting, Politics of Love, etc), acquired their license as a stock broker, became a loving husband and has always been known to be a loyal friend? Brian J. White...although he would never say this, because he is one of the most humble men you could ever meet.

It is with great pride that Neeta from Ideal PR personally recommends this book, as she downloaded her copy the first day it was released. "I remember being in Hollywood, speaking to Brian on the set of [his then TV show], Second Time Around. I became captivated by the level of charisma and knowledge he possessed. I could see he was a talented and attractive actor, but learned things about him that day and over time through professional interactions, that have left a lasting impression. While on the set of the movie 'The Heart Specialist' I was exposed to a very humorous side of Brian off camera, behind the scenes. I remember thinking how well rounded he was on top of being humble. So when it was mentioned that he was coming out with a book, I knew I would support his efforts to the fullest. I am enjoying reading it. And the best part is that I can read it while on the computer going about my day," said Neeta.

In the book Brian shares, "Black Carpenter is divided into five Parts: Education, Health and Fitness, the Arts, Relationships, and Spirituality. Through personal storytelling and honest revelation, I apply the four carpentry tools – the hammer of strength, level of balance, locking pliers of tenacity, and tape measure of accountability – to each part. I tell you the truth about my life and journey to become a Black Carpenter, the mistakes I made and lessons I learned the hard way. My tales are not perfect and my actions are not always admirable, but they are real. I banged my fingers with the hammer more than a couple of times until I learned the lesson of strength through humility (White, Brian (2011). Black Carpenter (Kindle Locations 203-208). Kindle Edition.)."

Do yourself a favor and download your copy of "Black Carpenter" today. Another great thing -you can also download more copies to give as gifts for friends and their children! Who can't read a book while surfing the next, checking facebook and chatting on twitter? For only $6.99, it will be the most significant gift you can give someone this month, as it will potentially change their life forever.

You can follow Brian on Twitter and be sure to join his movement and support his organization:

To learn more about Brian and his book please visit his sites below:

To Buy The Kindle Edition:



Anonymous said...

Brian is so sexy. All that and brains too!

Caren said...

Gotta love Brian White. I'm a fan. Nice write up.

Anonymous said...

I remember him from Stomp the Yard. He was a very good stepper. I think he is was a professional dancer before he started acting. I remember seeing a dance picture of him on his website a while ago.

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