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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

T3 of Slum Village Release his Solo EP Album Today Entitled "3iller" (Digital Release)

Today is a great day for true hip-hop fans. The digital release of T3's (Slum Village) solo EP Album entitled "3iller" (pronounce "Thriller") releases TODAY July 5, 2011. You can download the entire EP or solo tracks from iTunes:

3iller marks the debut of T3's first solo EP album and is sure to be every bit WELL WORTH the wait. T3 told Ideal PR, "I haven't done anything solo in 5 years. It felt great to go into the studio and do my own thing without worrying about the Slum brand." 3iller represents T3 - his style, his flow and his energy. It is always great to have our favorite artists from groups step out and shine under a solo spotlight and give us a different side of their creativity. T3 delivers and delivers well.

Known for his tantalizing word play and smooth soulful flow, T3 gives his fans a solo EP album worth downloading. In an era where rappers have fleeted from producing albums with more than one or two hits for the radio and the club, it is refreshing to have artists, such as T3, remain a TRUE Artist...putting 100% into each track.

Support the EP and download it now! It will be worth your time, energy and money...something we don't say lightly; but it is true. Five tracks you will listen to over and over...even the intro :-)
  1. Intro
  2. Give Me A Beat
  3. Hello World
  4. Motor Freaks
  5. Never Enuff
Check out the video clips for "Hello World" (featuring Kameron Corvet) and "Give Me A Beat" where you not only see T3 rap, but also do a little acting :-)
As always, remember to "Support Good Music."

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Anonymous said...

T3 is better off without EL

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