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Monday, October 1, 2012

My Favorite Tee! The IDEAL MAGAZINE

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The IDEAL Magazine
Photographer: Donell Sellow
Mae-up Artist: Tamika Williams

KIYA (Age: 13)

The “86” t-shirt is one of my favorites because I love Victoria Secret’s Pink line and I love to shop there.  This shirt is full of sparkle, which reminds me of my love for glitz and glam! I’m a girlie-girl, but this has a nice sporty feel, but yet it’s girlie and me. 

I am a huge Adrienne Bailon and Rihanna fashion fan!

My absolute favorite thing to do is dance! I love to dance, dance and even more dance!!!

My dream is to be a professional dancer and one day to dance on Broadway and with some of the top dance groups.  In my later years, I want to be a doctor.

SADYA (Age: 14)

This is my favorite Tee-Shirt because I like the design and colors. It's a basic Tee-Shirt and sometimes I like to keep it plain and simple.

I really like Rihanna's style.

I enjoy talking on the phone, shopping, shopping, and oh!

When I grow up I want to be an obstetrics nurse or a hairstylist


This is my favorite Tee-Shirt because I love Mickey and Minnie Mouse and the glitter is so bright and pretty.

I am a huge Nia Long fan. She is always elegant and beautiful.

I love to sing. I sing a song everyday. I love dance, acting, and anything in the performing arts.

My aspiration is to be a great actress when I grow up.

DEVYN  (Age: 20)

I Love this Tee because it's so comfy. It has all the comfort of a sweat shirt while still being a Tee-shirt.

I'm into the rock star look. I would have to say I love P!nk's style the most. Her look is like that rocker-laid back look while still looking awesome!

I'm really easy going. I just like hanging out in my apartment with my roommates and friends, watching a movie or playing games.

I want to be on screen! I want cameras on me, I want stylist, I want it all...and i cant wait until it happens!!!!



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Anonymous said...

Awww these young ladies look beautiful. I wish them a bright future in becoming stars!

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