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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Cover Me Beautiful is the EDITOR's PICK for the DC Fashion Week Haute and Modesty Show

Modest clothing designer Hanifah with Ideal PR Media Host Valeta Sutton
DC Fashion  Week 2013 was given a treat this year with its first ever Modesty Wear Fashion Show, "Haute and Modesty." Cover Me Beautiful was a part of this refreshing runway show and is our EDITOR'S PICK from the evening. Her pieces were stylish with eye catching fabrics and patterns that any girl would want to wear. The variety of fashion Hanifah presented in her collection was superb. While all of the lines presented that night were a pleasant alternative to the barely covered excuses for fashion that are placed on runways these days, Cover Me Beautiful was by far the best total collection of the night. 

Ideal PR Media host Valeta Sutton spoke with Hanifah about her line after the show. Take a look at her fabulous clothing and be sure to watch the exclusive interview at the end of the runway show below. It was a pleasure to see Cover Me Beautiful in the Washington, DC area, and we hope to have the chance to see her clothing again soon....FRONT ROW!!! While the lighting at the fashion even was more intimate, we hope you are able to see just how fantastic the designs are, even with a slightly darker picture than desired.

A very special thanks to Ean Williams of Fashion Week and Hanifah of Cover Me Beautiful. We look forward to DC Fashion Week 2014!!!

(Images: V. Elaine for Ideal PR Media; Event Coverage: Neeta Wooten (Editor-in-Chief), Valeta Sutton (Host), Tahira Mohamed (Stylist)

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