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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Just In Time For Thanksgiving...Outer Spice Brings Low-salt and No-salt Seasonings to your Rack

Just in time for Thanksgiving! Outer Spice is delivering four healthy new seasoning solutions to stores—and spice racks—everywhere. The new no-salt and low-salt seasonings, made by Austin, Texas-based Black River Trading Company, are all-natural, gluten-free spice blends that add depth to any meal. Outer Spice is the only spice blend created to serve as both an ingredient in every dish and a table-side condiment. 

“The real key to a healthy life is a diet rich in whole foods and spice. I created Outer Spice with health and harmony in mind,” said Stevens. “Black River Trading Company prides itself in fair labor practices and we’re directly involved with the communities we do business in. So when you buy our carefully crafted spice blends, you’re investing in a company you can trust, and a spice you can savor.”  

Thanks Derek! We are looking forward to trying these out this Thanksgiving and beyond. Can't wait to report on how tasty they are!!!

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