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Monday, April 14, 2008

Production Stills From the Film / Movie MISUNDERSTANDINGS

About The Film:

What happens when the perfect couple encounters a relationship dilemma? Is one to believe what they see, what they hear, or what is in their heart? “Misunderstandings” is a romantic comedy film about a couple who walks their way into an uncomfortable situation and takes a journey through the reality of unfair circumstances in effort to get to the truth, but not without encountering the opinions and confusion from their friends. How far would you be willing to go to stay with the one you love?

The dynamic cast of Misunderstandings includes Walter Maxfield Jones as the lawyer Rasan, Wil “Onix” Lash (VH1’s I Love NY) as the playboy Jamal, Victoria “Shaqwana” Davis (Russ Parr Morning Show) as the outrageous hair stylist Kim, Alex Scott (BET’s Coming To The Stage) as the not so savvy businessman Joe along with Tameika Chavis (HBO’s The Wire), Playboy Magazine model Joy Glass, Robyn Wood, Napoleon Rogers, Rodney Green, Valeta Sutton and introducing Danita Mischelle as the lead role of Nicole, the entertainment publicist. Additional appearances by Kerry Rhodes of the NY Jets (NFL), former Redskins player and singer Darnerien McCants, Backyard Band and HBO’s The Wire’s Anwan “Big G” Glover, Washington DC’s 93.9 WKYS (Radio One) personality Jeannie Jones and US Olympian Michael Walton among others.

All of the below images are the property and ownership of Photographer Ruby Tull and Misunderstandings The film.

Main Characters Nicole & Rasan...during happier times in their relationship

Uh oh...This is Rasan, but this isn't his girlfriend Nicole...Here we go!

Charater Trisha talks to Nicole about viable options to her situation

Character Joe...Beware of his advise and especially his products

Charater Alexis...getting in the middle of things as normal

The Guys (Characters Sean, Jamal, Joe) clown Rasan during poker night about what happened

One of Jamal's R&B Artist walks in on something that isn't her business

Character Kim's Beauty Salon...during a RARE calm moment
(Thanks Another Level Hair Salon in Alexandria, VA)

Characters Joe and Kim show why they got a divorce in front of the entire salon


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