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Friday, July 22, 2011

DIVAS IN DEFENSE! Be a DIVA: Fabulous, Fierce & Fun!

It is about time!!!
Divas...learn how to protect yourself. "Divas In Defense" offers a basic self defense course designed to give a basic overview of the importance of self defense. Students engage in discussions on real life scenarios and how to identify threatening situations. Both the voice and body language activity will allow students the opportunity to learn basic solutions to deescalate a situation. Divas in Defense has teamed up with The WNBA's LA Sparks to present an awesome event for the 21 and over crowd called "Kicks and Cocktails." Held at LA Staples Center, this event includes taking the class, free cocktails, free tee-shirt and a free seat to that night's game all with your $35 class purchase! Talk about a deal!!! For upcoming dates be sure to check out their website

(Divas in Defense Supporters)

"Fight Like A Girl" is a saying you will find associated with this program. The buzz around Divas in Defense is amazing. Men and women have lead support and are spreading the word. may ask? Why not!? As a DIVA myself, I am glad someone decided to create a program that keeps it sexy and sophisticated while teaching techniques on how to protect one's self. Every female should take this opportunity. Even if you have taken a course before, still, sign up and take this one, you may learn something new! Be sure to spread the word. Tell a friend. It is ALWAYS a good idea for ladies to know how to protect themselves.

Classes can be found in Los Angeles, CA as well as Atlanta, GA.

Owner Christopher Britto (far right) with actor Wesley Jonathan (middle) and other Divas in Defense supporters and associates

We recommend this class and trust the creators of this program. Chris Britto has been protecting celebrity clientele for years. He has personally taken care of many Ideal PR female clients with care. Pairing with fabulous Divas comes the creation of Divas in Defense. Now ladies everywhere can learn how to protect themselves at all times.

"It is our goal to empower women through self-defense and non-lethal weapons training. Be a DIVA: Fabulous, Fierce & Fun!"

Divas In Defense offers an all-in-one solution for women's self defense. They have self defense, stun gun and firearm training available.

"We firmly support women's safety and health. We have different course options that can accommodate any women in search of training necessary to protect themselves and their families. We teach defense against assault, rape, domestic violence and more. Synergy with our strategic partners are mandated by them sharing our vision."

Visit their website:
and follow them on Twitter @DivasinDefense



Anonymous said...

Love it! Awesome

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Classes are also taught in Lexington, KY!!!

Kymberlee said...

This is a great idea! Looking for the next class!

Anonymous said...

Divas In Defense services Greater Los Angeles, Atlanta, Jacksonville, Louisville,and Ft.Lauderdale. great thing for all women. im signing my daughter up today

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