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Thursday, July 21, 2011

A Dozen of Roses or a Bouquet?


By JUSTIN MABRIE (Ideal PR Media Contributing Writer)

Often, there is a part of you that wants this new person you are dating to be “the one”… the one to save you from all others and fulfill all your needs.

Never should expectations be placed on a single person or situation solely based on a first impression you may have. Yes, there is a possibility that life may be changing because you feel you have met your match but patience must rule over a completely answered survey on the first date. Allow a person to reveal him or herself slowly.

A comfortable pace is best for honest understanding and true description of a person’s character. Be concerned should you feel you know everything there is to know about an individual after your first outing. It is more intriguing to your spirit to gradually learn a person. People can choose an avatar for their social networking profile; they can write letters to represent their feelings; they can add up educational degrees to speak for their intelligence; however only consistent & sincere interaction will truly represent their outlook and appreciation for you being in their life. The many movie dates, dining experiences, walks in the park, fun in kitchen when cooking together, life discussions over glasses of wine, and shared spiritual experiences will give you understanding of how compatible you may be with this person. A kite allows the wind to guide its’ flight; similarly one should allow interactions to guide the next step and discovery.

It is believed that a dozen of roses represent how much you really care and if you are short of that number then the meaning translations vary with negative undertones that lead to ambiguous assumptions. In the sense of a relationship, it is refreshing to receive your roses over time. Each rose represents another thought and allows further insight to be had about that person. Once you have time to reflect on the forming relationship, you should have lost count of the actual number of roses yet the combined bouquet is so much larger and filled with more meaning that would not have existed had you simply received a dozen at your door step after a couple of dates.

You do not want a person to pick and choose what he or she wants to reveal to you. Instead, you want comfortable behavior and communication to supersede a long sheet resume designed and packaged for the masses.

Remember: Date with ease and allow the mystery to intrigue.

(Justin Mabrie)

Justin Mabrie, holds an MBA from Hampton University and is writer specializing in relationship topics. Justin is from Houston, TX and currently resides in Hollywood, California.

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Real Talk...

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Oge said...

Justin is such an aspirational guy; very blessed and truly intelligent. Keep up the good work and I pray for your continue success!!!

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