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Thursday, July 14, 2011

SEXY at the 2011 ESPY's

Last night the ESPY Awards took place in Los Angeles, CA...there was plenty of eye candy and many deserving awards given out. Typically red carpets are draped with gorgeous gowns and women, but last night was a true treat for the ladies. Among the sexiest and best dressed on our list include Ray Allen, Eddie George, Desean Jackson and Matt Kemp. Actor Jesse Williams was there in his casual cool look and can do no wrong in our book. It seemed that gray suits with pink or gray toned ties were popular last night.

While we love Matt Barnes, the verdict is still out on if we liked THAT suit on HIM. And Dhani Jones is an awesome man...but there is much chatter about the bow-tie king looking a little on the sloppy side yesterday.

Take a look...tell us your thoughts!!!

(Ray Allen)

(Eddie George (Go Taj!!!)

Matt Kemp

(Desean Jackson)

(Jesse Williams...yummy!)

(Matt Barnes)

(Dhani Jones)


Anonymous said...

Ray Allen is a beast!!! SUPER SEXY!!! And Dhani looks a HOT MESS

Kelly said...

Eddie George is a drink hot cold water. Matt is sexy but that criss-cross crap is not. Dhani needs to go somewhere with that crooked bowtie, wrinkled shirt and suit that does not fit...WTH. Jesse Williams is my husband "In my mind"

Anonymous said...

LOL @ Kelly! I can't take it! Dhani's bow tie is doing the gangsta lean though. DeSean can get it...all day

Tammi said...

#1 - Eddie George
#2 - Matt Kemp
#3 - Ray Allen

Dhani doesn't look bad, but he could have looked more neat

Anonymous said...

All of these men look wonderful. Eddie George and Matt Kemp are my favs as well. Dhani should have buttoned his jacket which appears to be his only problem. Not feeling Matt Barnes at all, he seems like a hater from the Basketball Wives show. but ohlawd at Matt Kemp. Someone pass me a towel.

Lisa (WDC) said...

Can I have Jesse Williams PLEASE!!!!

Anonymous said...

@Lisa...that makes two of us. I would LOVE to have Jesse Williams. Even if only for one night!

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