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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Teedra Moses Releases Luxurious Undergrind Mixtape

New Orleans finest, Ms. Teedra Moses gives her fans the "Luxurious Undergrind" Mixtape to rock to. Newly signed to Rick Ross' Maybach Music label, Teedra is fine-tuning that AMAZING album to come "The Lioness."

Download Mixtape Link

In the meantime, support the beautiful soul-stress by downloading her mixtape and sending her love through Twitter @TeedraMoses and on Facebook. Gotta Love Teedra Moses. And if you are lucky enough to see her in concert, bring all of your energy, because she definitely brings ALL of hers with a live band and legs to die for!

To catch up on all of Teedra's previously release music, be sure to buy her albums here
Every track is a hit...E-V-E-R-Y track :-)
Homegirl is "GRINDING" just like the "sophisticated gangsta" that she is...Yeah that's our nick-name for her here in DC...coined by Ideal PR Media :-)


Anonymous said...

This Mixtape is HAWT!!!! Teedra delivers, you are right. It is on REPEAT!

Linda said...

I have always loved Teedra. She is so smooth. Her live performance is a true show

IPM said...

This @TeedraMoses mixtape "Luxurious Undergrind" is the Truth. As ALWAYS Teedra delivers an entire album of HITS. Teedra is HOOD! Don't get it twisted, she is beautiful, poised, classy, intelligent...and GANSTA! Her voice is A-Mazing!!! #TeamTeedraMoses Download your free copy now. #LuxuriousUndergrind

Jayden said...

Teedra is so elegant, and yes she is Gangsta!

Michelle said...

Teedra is killing them! This Mixtape is wonderful

Nicole from DC said...

I can't wait for her album The Lioness to come out. I've had to buy 3 copies of Complex Simplicity because I've played them to death. Love you Teedra

Jilly from Philly said...

This mixtape is amazing. Thank you Teedra!!! Come to Philly ma!

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