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Friday, March 30, 2012

Charlie Sheen is BACK with New TV Show "Anger Management" set for FX

Charlie Sheen is "winning" the hearts of studio executives once again and has landed his own TV show, "Anger Management." Set to debut on FX June 28th at 9pm EST, but has nothing to do with the famous movie "Anger Management." It is about Sheen playing the role of an ex-baseball player whose anger management issues affected his playing status. Before you think "Wild Thing 2012," The show is more about his life after baseball and him moving into a role of atonement where he goes back to school and becomes a therapist to help others.

"I've been fortunate it's been a very forgiving fan base," said Charlie to Wendy Williams while making an appearance on The Wendy Williams' TV show in New York this past week. "I think people they've always rooted for me because they know that I'm a guy that just deals with the truth...and admits when I'm wrong," Charlie told Wendy. He seriously joke with Wendy and further states, "And that situation is something where I wasn't wrong...that whole other ordeal...that's why I was so intent on...winning!"

To learn more about the Anger Management TV Show visit FX Networks

To watch the interview with Wendy Williams on her talk show (How You Doin' Wendy?!) check out her youtube channel below, and be sure to follow us on twitter @IdealPRMedia


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