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Friday, March 9, 2012

Daytime Drama at its BEST! Sonny Corinthos vs. Todd Manning on General Hospitals

The 2nd Carly was Trash
As a long time ABC soaps watcher, dating back to when home VCR's were first introduced, I am a huge fan of what is currently happening right now on General Hospitals. While I was devastated and completely upset at the cancellation of All My Children and One Life To Live, the two main soaps I would record every day of my life until I went to college, I appreciate the addition of the original Todd Manning, Blair and Star to General Hospitals. Todd Manning (Roger Howarth) is hands down the best and most colorful character ABC has ever created.  I am VERY excited they have him back in his original role...the Todd who replaced him was TRASH as an actor in that was the Carly who replaced Sarah Brown was even worse TRASH as an actor...

but no one can follow Sarah Brown. The current Carly is ok...but Sarah Brown...the best EVER! She didn't win 3 Emmy's for nothing!
Original Carly (Sarah Brown) was the BEST!!!

First, it is a great treat for One Life To Live fans to have Todd back! I must say, I have been slipping on keeping up with the soaps these days, but as I was browsing I noticed a clip with Todd Manning's face under the General Hospital's full episodes list.  Needless to say, I am almost caught up on the week's worth of adventures.

Sonny vs. Todd is a great idea. It would be better if it was over something that was actually true, since it is apparent that another round of split personalities is hitting the city, with Sonny's girlfriend being the latest victim of this common daytime soap aggravation...and she "looks" like her alter personality may actually be the responsible party for killing Todd's granddaughter.

Who wins? Well...that is a tough one. If General Hospitals plays their cards right, neither wins. While Sonny is a favorite of the show, Todd is a long-time beloved villain. I don't want anything bad to happen to Sonny simply because he is apparently innocent. So I am hoping Todd and Sonny ALMOST go to blows...but the truth comes out and it does not happen. But, maybe if something else were to happen between them to put them at odds again after this case is settled...something that is actually solid and true, now that is a battle I am all for.

Its really spicy to bring Blair head to toe with Carly and Todd head to toe with Sonny. I hope they find a way to keep Todd, Star and Blair on the show for good. The only thing that would make this pairing sweeter is if the original Carly, Sarah Brown (the best female character ever)  was going head-to-head with Blair. Now that would be a fight for the history books of soap operas.
And while I LOVE long-haired Todd better than short-haired Todd, Having Todd ANYWAY we can get him is fantastic!

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