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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

10 Small Space Design Ideas

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Today, it appears that people are either downsizing significantly, or attempting to acquire as much space as possible. For those interested in some creative decorating and space saver ideas for living spaces on the smaller side of things, below are 10 of our favorite picks! 

 1. The creative walk in closet for a studio space. This appears quite manageable to create...maybe not without the help of a professional, but this definitely can work well for longer rectangular spaces. 

 2. The floating space closet. Set in the middle of the room doubles as a room divider. Pretty clever (this is for the neater folks)

 3. Pull out closet. Can work well in an attic or awkward spaces created by a roof or other reasons that create strange angled ceilings.  This is a wonderful space saver idea that can create a larger quantity of hanging space. 

 4. The under the stairs storage is a genius way to maximize the space under your stairs. The creativity window is wide open with this design. One could make all into shelves, hanging space or a combination of both. This is a great place to store seasonal holiday decorations. 

  5. Need a way to fit 4 beds in a single room? These stackable beds are ingenious! Makes me want to go out and have 4 kids (not really). But this is a really cool and fun design that all kids would seem to love. 

 6. Not enough pace for a typical nightstand...use a small stool. It is both stylish and practical. 

7. Fix shelves on a small wall vertically to create a neat way to store all of your shoes safely. 

  8. Turn a small closet into a office and really cool reading nook. 

  9. Turn a closet into a small sleeping space for guests. A wonderful idea for people with small living spaces to be able to host overnight guests or being able to give a separate sleeping space to a small child until you can move into a larger space!

 10.  This is a really cool and chic studio apartment layout and design. Add some curtains to separate the space, but stay neutral to make sure not to shrink the appearance of the room. Going with lighter colors for your larger furniture and adding pops of color through accessorizing helps to maximize the visual size of the space. For more home decor ideas visit our Pinterest page.
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