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Friday, November 6, 2015

8 FAB Celebrity Closets that we think you will love

These 8 celebrity closets are definitely worth the Ideal PR Media nod. If you haven't seen the fabulous dressing rooms/closets where the Kardashians, Eva Longoria and other female celebrities adorn themselves and store their precious goods...take a look. We put together a list of our favorites that we found on Pinterest. (Images belong to their respective owners)

Kim Kardashian seems partial to darker woods and deeper tones

Eva Longoria has a fabulous ladder to get to all of those fantastic items stored higher up

Fergie has a comfortable ottoman to try on her amazing collection of tops. She owns that. 

Jessica Alba has a closet is very simple and classy, just like she is...Oh and to hold her plethora of shoes.  Totally lover her. 

My favorite Kardashian, Ms. Khloe, has a closet that matches my personal style/shade preference of grays and brushed nickel, with light, fresh colored paints. Perfect. While the pic of her on the floor surrounded by shoes does not appear to be a part of the same closet, I had to include because she is killing it right now with her health and exercise results. You go Khloe!

Paula Abdul created a space that is so enjoyable to her she can sit an meditate in the space...Indian Style...or maybe she just wants to show you that if you take care of your body, like she has, you can still be able to sit Indian style (I know I can't). 

Kourtney Kardashian has a closet that is a mix between dark wood and lighter walls. While I envisioned her with lighter wood and a more airy decor, her closet still rocks with all of those Hermes boxes...geesh!

Last but certainly my favorite shoes wall of all these we have featured in this story, is Christina Aguilera and her PINK shoe wall inside her dressing room. The animal print rug really compliments her personality and fashion style. 

While we have seen Kris Kardashian Jenner and her closet on TV, I'm wondering what changes she has made since Bruce has moved out.

Seen a celebrity closet that you are obsessed with?mleave us a comment. We would love to know, feature it and mention you in the post! Have a favorite from this post? Let us know!


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