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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

2nd Annual Chef's Challenge Associated with "Foods From Chile" and RAMW

Recently, Ideal PR Media was invited to watch six acclaimed DC chefs and four award-winning mixologists be put to the test  during the 2nd annual Chef’s Challenge. This cooking competition and cocktail battle was organized by Chile –as part of its Foods from Chile: Source of Life campaign and the Restaurant Association of Metropolitan Washington (RAMW) at the National Restaurant Association in downtown Washington, DC. 

The food and beverage experts were provided with Chilean ingredients like salmon, mussels, extra virgin olive oil, merquen, pisco, and others to develop winning dishes and drinks. Chilean Ambassador to the United States, Juan Gabriel Valdés, and the Economic and Trade Commissioner of Chile in DC, Rodrigo Contreras, hosted the event and spoke to attendees about the distinctive qualities and competitive advantages of Chilean food products, highly consumed in the US market. 

“An event like this presents a great opportunity to bring together local and national figures in the food and beverage industry to showcase the attributes that make Chile a reliable supplier of safe and healthy foods that meet the highest international industry standards,” said Ambassador Valdés. “It is also an enjoyable way to show American industry professionals that Chilean products are of the highest quality and can adapt to any culinary style,” he stated, adding that the United States is the largest consumer of Chilean food. 

Chile is the number one world exporter of fresh blueberries, fresh grapes, fresh cherries, prunes, dehydrated apples, frozen whole salmon and mussels, and the second world exporter of shelled walnuts, fresh salmon and unshelled almonds. Last year, Chile was the U.S’ main provider of fresh salmon and trout, fresh grapes, berries, apples and frozen fruits and vegetables. Chile’s trade relationship with the US has been successful with a Free Trade Agreement in force for more than a decade, now 100% tariff free. 

At the Chef’s Challenge, Sommelier Theo Rutherford of Mindful Restaurant Group hosted a Wines of Chile-sponsored tasting to complement the cooking competition.

Competing chefs: Chefs Kazuhiro Okochi of Kaz Sushi Bistro; Victor Albisu of Del Campo and Taco Bamba; Domenico Apollaro of Lupo Verde; Theary So of Hank‘s Oyster Bar; George Rodrigues of Tico; and Serge Devesa of Café du Parc.

Competing mixologists: Tena Jahangosha of Del Campo; Michael Saccone of Hank’s Oyster Bar; Jonathan Fain of Bar Pilar; and Francesco Amodeo of Lupo Verde.

Winning dish- Judge’s Choice: Victor Albisu of Del Campo

Winning dish- People’s Choice: Serge Devesa of Café du Parc

Winning cocktail- Judge’s Choice: Theary So of Hank‘s Oyster Bar

Winning cocktail- People’s Choice: Jonathan Fain of Bar Pilar

“We are always excited to be a part of something that contributes to DC’s global food scene. With Chilean food, spirits and wines, the event presents a chance to experience new flavors and tasting opportunities,” said Julie Sproesser, RAMW Managing Director. “With such an international culture in DC, chefs are looking for exciting new and quality ingredients making Chile an obvious choice.”

Foods from Chile
Born from fjords, grown amid glaciers and harvested from exotic rainforests, the fruits, vegetables, seafood, meat and spirits represented by Foods from Chile are the unique and toothsome result of that country’s diverse terrain and rich natural resources. The Foods from Chile seeks to share this story, inviting to discover how Chile’s fertile mix of coastline, arid terrain, glacial mountains and rainforests produce an abundant and varied range of healthy natural foods. Source:

Restaurant Association Metropolitan Washington (RAMW) 
The Restaurant Association Metropolitan Washington (RAMW) is the regional trade association representing restaurants and the foodservice industry in the Washington, DC Metropolitan Area. Established in 1920, RAMW is an advocate, resource and community for its members. The Association works to promote and sustain the growth and development of the industry while providing its members legislative and regulatory representation, marketing and small business support, programming and events. RAMW strives to serve its members with professionalism and integrity, and provide them the training, education and support they need to grow a successful business.

About ProChile
ProChile is the institution of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Chile in charge of promoting exports of products and services. ProChile has a network of over 50 offices worldwide and 15 Export Centers in Chile which have experience and tools to help boost the export sector and position Chile’s attributes in international markets. ProChile also provides first class information and various tools to implement best practices in international business to local exporters and importers. In the United States, ProChile has representatives strategically located in Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, New York and Washington DC. 

A very special thanks to Amy and Yazmine from Newline Group for making this post possible for our readers.


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