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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

"I Just Know How I Like My Lady To Look" said Nzimiro on NBC's Fashion Star

Nzimiro Oputa's dress as sold by H&M from NBC's Fashion Star
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Nzimiro Oputa is not just a great designer, but a person of insight, as he said to the judges last night on NBC's "Fashion Star," "I just know how I like my lady to look," in response to his dress design for women. Typically known for amazing menswear, Nzimiro wowed the judges scoring a $50,000.00 bid from H&M for his "out of the box" dress. We were extremely happy that this dress went to H&M!

Nzimiro Oputa's designs from week 6 on Fashion Star

HURRY UP LADIES! This item is surely to sell out. Do not miss your rare opportunity to wear something sexy and chic by Nzimiro never know if we will see another design for women anytime soon. The dress can be purchased online and in the stores...and guess what? It comes in black as well as purple :-)

Designer Nzimiro speaking with Nicole Richie (whose nick-name for him is "Nzami-mi")

Nzimiro is Ideal PR Media's absolute favorite Fashion Star, with Orly Shani and Sarah Parrott in our top favorites.

Designer Sarah Parrott's swimsuit designs from week 6 Fashion Star

Although neither of them were offered a bid on last night's show, we loved their designs and  are still rooting for them as well. I would purchase both ladies' designs from last night.

Designer Orly Shani's designs from week 6 Fashion Star
In addition to fabulous designs, we love their personalities.  Shannon appears sweet and sincere and Orly seems like your long-time best friend. Nzimiro is definitely sexy chocolate with style, pizzaz and an endearing go-getter personality to match. Maybe it is his perfect blend of determination and humbleness that makes him so attractive...and the ability to design his lady a wardrobe as well. Now THAT is SEXY!

Nzimiro's winning dress design purchased by H&M on Fashion Star

While there are some other talented designers on the show... a couple in particular could use an attitude adjustment. Either way, the mix of attitudes and fierce designs makes for one amazing show that consumes my Tuesday evenings from 10pm -11pm EST on NBC.

Take a look at what the Fabulous Nicole Christie of H&M had to say about Nzimiro's design. We heart Nicole!

Be sure to take a look at our feature on H&M in the Spring issue of The IDEAL Magazine


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