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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

NBC's Fashion Star...Exciting and Surprising Week 4!!! (Bonus Post Show Video inside)

(All Images are the rights of H&M and NBCUniversal, Inc.)

The newest TV craze is NBC's "Fashion Star." One of my absolute favorite shows this season, Fashion Star competitors felt the reigns tighten with unexpected no-sales and a surprising save by the mentors of Ronnie this week.


H&M bought three items which you can see and buy in stores today; two dresses from Sarah and one from Nikki. See what H&M’s Nicole Christie has to say about the designs. (P.S. The entire IDEAL Magazine LOVES Nicole Christie!)

I am very happy for Barbara to have gotten her first sale...and it be with Macy's. I truly see the diversity in her designs and wide range in her buyer appeal.

I was very shocked to see that the judges saved Ronnie over Edmond and Lisa. I figured they could not save Edmond 2 weeks in a row, but was absolutely floored to see Lisa go home. While I was hoping they did not send Edmond home, I was very disappointed that a decision had to be made between the two. We think Lisa will have a bright future...P.S. I wear yellow too :-)

A very special thanks to Emily Demchyk and PaulWilmotCommunications

Neeta Wooten
The IDEAL Magazine


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