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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

We Say Good-Bye To Edmond on NBC's Fashion Star

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Edmond Newton's winning look that sold on Week 1's show
The sad story with great shows is that every week, someone has to go. This week, it was designer Edmond Newton.

Ideal PR Media has become attached to a few of the designers. Although Edmond Newton did not land a sale after his first land in week one, we were still pulling for him each week, hoping he would continue on.
Edmond's Looks that did not sale, but we think are fabulous
We love his designs. At times it was the elegance that we adored. However, in a competition we do understand it is about what will stand out the most. His presence and personality on the show was very cool, calm, collected and in control. We LOVED that about Edmond. And for that reason alone, we are so sad to see him leave the show. We do hope to see more of his work in the near future. Take a look at Edmonds exit interview.

NOW...for the rest of the show...

Nzimiro's fabulous jacket from week 5 Fashion Star
Gripe number one...Nzimiro's jackets not being bought. We understand the desire to see diversity, but come on!!! Those jackets were phenomenal. I had my father's credit card in hand :-)
The buyers would like to see the development of Nzimiro's line beyond outer wear was the comment. I suppose the shirt and shorts they bought in the earlier episodes do not count? (side eye to the buyers for making that comment). Well, if that is the only reason why they didn't buy the jackets...because they wanted to see pants...they missed out on items that would have sold out. The Twitter community was going crazy over the jackets.

Our hearts go our to Orly Shani who appeared to have a difficult time with figuring out what to do. Its ok Orly. When you have talent stacked on top of creativity, sometimes it is a heavy load to carry. We have faith in you.

One of our original favorites, Sarah Perrott, landed a sale with  H&M.  Sarah has been solid every week selling to H&M. The buyers would like to see her expand her brand to appeal to Saks and Macy's.

Ronnie finally made his first sale and did so with a bang. The dress was sexy and cute for the spring...but to me, it looked like a dress I have seen before, so I was a little surprised over the crazed bidding war; but I am sure that it will sell out.

With the competition getting very close, we are sure something sexy and shocking will be up the show's sleeve for week 6. We do know some of our favorites will not make the top 3, we do hope to see Nzimiro, Orly and Sarah make it through to the finale. We will definitely be tuning in each week and engaging on Twitter and Facebook during the show to see what Ideal PR Media followers are thinking.

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