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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Ten Reasons To Support Actress Angell Conwell By Watching Her in "For Richer or Poorer" On April 14th 2012

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Actress Angell Conwell is a rare jewel in the entertainment industry. Not too many Black actresses have the talent, yet alone are presented with such diverse characters to play. On any given day you can turn on BET and see her in a sassy and sultry role such as "Soul Plane" or "The Wash," and on that very same day, turn on Young and The Restless on CBS and see her as a poised and powerful attorney representing the richest of clients. On Sunday April 14th you may turn on the TV and see her as a quick-thinking bomb-shell in "Baby Boy" or "Half Past Dead 2," but be sure to tune into the Gospel Music Channel at 7pm ET (repeating at 9pm and 11pm) to see a new production, where Angell plays a level headed woman with timely advice in "For Richer or Poorer." Also seen in this production are actors Rockmond Dunbar, Clifton Powell, Chris Spencer, Karen Clark Sheard, and LeToya Luckett.
Look at the trailer: 

Ten Reasons Why To Support Angell Conwell

  1. She supports the community and feeds the homeless in Los Angeles on a regular basis.
  2. She promotes preserving the environment and does her part to live a healthy lifestyle reducing her footprint.
  3. She believes in positive affirmations and 
  4. She loves and cherishes family keeping close friends and relatives near and dear within her goals.
  5. She is a great whose close friends report that she is loyal, honest and kind.
  6. She believes that with God all things are possible.
  7. She supports the dreams and goals of youth all across America speaking encouraging words of wisdom.
  8. She is such a beautiful person, inside and out.
  9. When you watch her on the TV or movie screen her smile lights up the room
  10. She is a talented Black Actress that is always entertaining to watch in all of the roles she plays...and we should always support a positive person like Angell Conwell.
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