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Monday, April 2, 2012

Last Season For The Braxton Family Values?

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How did you feel about the "Braxton Family Values" reunion show that recently aired on We TV?

Hosted by the fabulous Wendy Williams, the fate of the show was a little unclear. There has not been mention of cancellation. However, with Tamar getting her own spin-off show with husband Vince, and superstar Toni Braxton stating very emphatically that she does not care to be on the next season more than an occasional appearance here and there...would you be intrigued to watch?

I guess if the Kardashians can create spin-offs and still all film together for the original show, it could work and be interesting...but if Kim decided to pull back into the shadows after season 2, would the other shows have worked as well? If Toni Braxton, the true superstar and entertainer decides to exit stage left how will that affect the show?

Hmmmmm, should be interesting. We would hate to see Toni go. Although it is apparent that she has had the most difficulty with the show's visible shift in interest to her sister Tamar, it is hard to know if her not wanting to film anymore is because she thinks she has become the shadow instead of the star, or for the reasons she mentioned. Her not wanting to do a family album was due to wanting to focus on her own goals and not share the spotlight, so the possibility that the way her spotlight has been divided through the show might be a hard pill to swallow. I am sure it was in hopes to re-launch her career, but after 2 full seasons, nothing much has popped for Toni. We wish her new album well, as we totally adore her music.

We would hate to see the show go! We love the girls...all of them. Maybe Toni is holding out for her own spin-off  show (crossing fingers for that one), or maybe she will have a change of heart and begin filming more episodes in season 3. Should be interesting!

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