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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

NBC's The Voice...Only The Strong Survive...Bye-Bye To Some

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(As Seen in CenterStage1 Magazine)

By now you have been exposed to the phenomenal show, "The Voice," that airs on NBC. Yesterday wrapped up the first complete set of live performances for all teams. Each team (Team Adam, Team Christina, Team Cee-Lo and Team Blake) now sits with 4 solid performers on their team. It appeared that last night's good-byes were harder on Team Adam and Team Cee-Lo than the good-byes from Blake and Christina the previous week.

To my surprise (as well as many others), Cheesa ended up in the bottom three with Tony and Erin. This was by far the most difficult choice so far of the show. Erin made it easier since she really did not bring a strong performance when compared to Cheesa and Tony. While Erin has a unique voice, she does not have a diverse range. Erin has a specific voice for specific songs, and she can do well, but she does not seem to have the ability to adapt her voice to any given song. So Erin had to go.

Tony, Cheesa, Erin wait to hear their fate from Mentor Adam Levine

On the other hand, the decision between Tony and Chessa really came down to Chessa belting out those notes and giving it her all. Tony gave it his all too, but there was something about Chessa's performance that said "I want this, and I want this more than anyone here tonight." We were sad to see Tony go. Tony was clearly not happy with the decision.

Kima, Karla and Katrina

Team Adam, appeared to face a similar difficult decision once the bottom 3 were revealed. However, unlike Team Cee-Lo's bottom 3, Kim (though one of our favorites) and Karla just did not rise to the occasion, in terms of their performance. They were pitchy and inconsistent. Overall, Katrina won, not so much because her performance was so good, but because the other two just were not good at all. Moving forward, Katrina will have difficulty if she is unable to raise that confidence and belt out the entire song. This is where the rubber meats the road. At this point, the weeds have been cut.

Host Carson daily with Methai

One thing is for sure, the line up on all four teams is very strong. We still think Team Christina or Cee-Lo have the winning ticket somewhere, but Methai (Team Adam) is a fan favorite...with Ideal PR Media being one of those fans. We voted for two people last night, and Methai was one of them.


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