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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Angell Conwell and Omar Gooding Back Together Again...and MARRIED!!! (Video inside)

Well not "techincally," but they play a married couple on BOUNCE TV's new original show "Family Time" starting on Monday June 18th at 8pm EST

This summer you can find actress Angell Conwell on two broadcast networks...still on CBS' "Young
and the Restless" as attorney Leslie Michaelson and  on the broadcast network channel BOUNCE as Mrs. Stallsworth, wife and mother of two on "Family Time."  One of the cutest things about the show is that Angell Conwell stars in this 30 minute sitcom with co-star Omar Gooding. Many remember the two as the sassy couple from "Baby Boy," a film that you can catch on TV just about every week on any given cable channel.

Happy days are back again as Angell and Omar portray a very much needed fresh depiction of a young African-American family. They are not over-achievers that only a few can understand, or underachieving bums which many are irritated when seeing. Instead, The Stallworths represent a middle class family with whitty spins on very common and average family situations that just about every family, regardless of class can laugh and connect with.

In an era where certain popular stations have tried, but fallen short of what most 20-45 year old African-American families can relate to, Family Time is said to fill this gap and do so in a very charming way. They start out batting 100 with Angell Conwell as the leading female on the show. Such a great and solid choice for the lead actress, and it's about time! While Omar Gooding is typically known for more intimidating roles, it will be fun to watch him as a young/hip father and husband.

BOUNCE is the first African-American broadcast station cable needed. The same way you can watch NBC, FOX, ABC CBS and the CW you can now add BOUNCE to that set of broadcast network channels. BOUNCE is very new, but according to the network, they are already in 75% of African-American neighborhoods airing in over 60 million homes since kicking off in September 2011. And less than a year after its launch, "Family Time," will mark the stations first original program to air.

BOUNCE is on the way, so if you have not heard of the station just yet, just will. But don't wait too long to get on the bandwagon. Be sure to find out how you can get the station in your area if you do not have it already. If you do have the channel, begin to support this Atlanta based station by watching shows that currently air.

Check out the trailer for the TV show. Looks very cute!

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Anonymous said...

I really love to see these two acting together. They are very sexy and beautiful.Keep up the Good Work!

Anonymous said...

Love this show... they are my two favorite actors and actress. The show was a great ideal and they have my vote.

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